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CITYArticle: Where to Eat the Best Fried Chicken in Montreal

Where to Eat the Best Fried Chicken in Montreal

Crispy and flavourful!

By updated: Apr 04, 2023
Where to Eat the Best Fried Chicken in Montreal

Have you noticed all the great fried chicken options opening up in and around Montreal in the last few years? 

Whether you like your chicken fried in a sandwich, wrap, salad, filet, bucket, or poutine, there is no shortage of options. But don't forget the popular side dishes that are just as worth the trip.

So, do you choose dark or white meat?


2080 Rue St-Mathieu, Shaughnessy Village, H3H 2J4

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By the same renowned owners of Ganadara and Tempura Kyodai, Chimaek Gana recently opened near Guy-Concordia. Fried chicken is an important and mastered element in Korean cuisine and this is exactly what we find here. Traditionally served with pickled onions and daikon, you will have multiple original choices such as truffle, creamy cajun, and bul galbi. 

The best fried chicken in Montreal and its surroundings


63 Rue Brunswick, Ouest-de-l'Île (Montréal), H9B 2N4

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A city staple when it comes to fried chicken is definitely the Birdhouse on the West Island. Homemade gourmet sauces to traditional sauces and dry marinades give wing lovers mind-blowing flavors. They offer a variety of upscale comfort food, making them the hottest "all chicken" spot in town! It's a trendy place to eat fried chicken in a great atmosphere and enjoy tasty cocktails.



1800 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, H3J 1M5

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1800 Rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, H3J 1M5

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Even though the two are under the same roof, they offer two completely different atmospheres. The Bird Bar is the only restaurant that combines fried chicken and champagne in Montreal's Griffintown, while the Henden is a speakeasy located in the basement.  Their chicken is natural, free-range, and quality from the Voltigeurs Family Farm, raised with love and freedom, which is what you will find on every plate from the Bird Bar. Note that they have gluten-free options in both individual and family sizes. Go all out with the poutine with popcorn chicken, jalapeno, and fried onions. Pleasure guaranteed. 

Le meilleur du poulet frit à Montréal et ses environs


Multiple locations

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Located in Outremont and Ahunstic, this restaurant offers buckets, sandwiches, and fried chicken poutine. Not only is the chicken excellent, but we also go there for their gravy. These are great meals to take out or deliver.


The best fried chicken in Montreal and its surroundings


Multiple locations

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If you want to experience Korean fried chicken, this is one of the best places in Montreal. What's so special about this fried chicken? Well, it's a double-fried chicken recipe that is coated with a sticky, spicy, and sweet sauce. If you have a preference for bone-in or boneless pieces, both options are available. They now have over 9 locations around Montreal.

The best fried chicken in Montreal and its surroundings


Multiple locations

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Open since March 2021, this restaurant has quickly won the hearts of Montrealers and has expanded to 4 locations. They offer a Quebec recipe made entirely of quality chicken, juicy, and, yet crispy on the outside. On the menu, they have wraps, combos, sandwiches, poutines, salads, and sides not to be missed: coleslaw, butter corn, and more.

The best fried chicken in Montreal and its surroundings


3981 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, H4C 1R2

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Everything is homemade, even the sauces (Nosh, Buffalo, brown or sweet mango) and the honey that accompany the fried chicken. The potato bread is also to die for, it's so good.  They also offer buckets with pieces, chicken wings, and chicken strips. Opt for one of their tasty sandwiches, including a vegetarian option.

The best fried chicken in Montreal and its surroundings


3873 Boulevard Saint-Martin O, Laval, H7T 1L1

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Recently opened in Laval, they serve breakfast all day long with their waffles covered in fried chicken with a sweet and salty sauce. They draw their inspiration from California and Nashville cuisine, which brings a little spice to their recipes. 

The best fried chicken in Montreal and its surroundings


1071 Rue St-Urbain, Montréal, H2Z 1Y6

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This place is a must in Chinatown, not only for its fried chicken but also to discover the rest of the menu. Excellent Cantonese food to (re) discover. They have a plate of Saigon fried chicken made with their signature recipe and a sandwich served in homemade Hokkaido bread (Japanese milk bread). For those who want a meatless sandwich, I highly recommend the fried oyster mushroom sandwich with a creamy and spicy Asian coleslaw, a delight.

The best fried chicken in Montreal and its surroundings


31 Rue St-Viateur E, Montréal, H2T 1A5

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In Mile End, find Bibiko, a Korean restaurant that means bibi (bibimbap) and ko (community). Try their bowl of Korean fried chicken, kimchi rice, homemade coleslaw, and lettuce. For those who like it spicy, you can add the homemade sauce to the bowl. Otherwise, go with their Korean fried chicken burger (dark meat), egg bun, house coleslaw, and lettuce. Plus, they make their breading completely gluten-free. All the sauces offered are homemade.

The best fried chicken in Montreal and its surroundings


6704 Rue Clark, Montréal, H2S 3E9

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Are you in the mood for Southern comfort food? If so, Dinette Triple Crown is in the Mile-Ex and offers a menu you can take to the park right next door. Different combos are available: individual and family (for 4) with fried chicken pieces and (gourmet) sides of the week. Everything you get from this place is decadent with more than generous portions.

The best fried chicken in Montreal and its surroundings


1933 Rue Ste-Catherine O, Montréal, H3H 1M3

View More  (514) 543-5588

This chain originating directly from Taiwan is now everywhere in the world, including Montreal. Hot Star is known for its extra large chicken... over 30 cm long. Super tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, it's a real treat. Choose the level of spiciness you want and it's no joke when they say super spicy. Cheese lovers, offer fried chicken with cheese. Their Korean option is great too, mixing spicy with sweet. It's the perfect snack when you're walking down St. Catherine's.

The best fried chicken in Montreal and its surroundings

In short, Montreal and its surroundings are full of fried chicken options, but there's so much more to discover here.

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