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CITYArticle: Tacos Frida: Oaxaca Flavors

Tacos Frida: Oaxaca Flavors

Two restaurants for a trip to Mexico!

updated: Oct 05, 2021
Tacos Frida: Oaxaca Flavors

Montreal's wonderful cultural diversity allows us to discover the colors and flavors of a variety of places around the world. No matter which country's cuisine you would like to discover, it is most likely that a restaurant in our great city offers you the chance.


We decided to introduce you to Mexican cuisine by visiting Tacos Frida Restaurant located in the Saint-Henri district. This charming place is located on the corner of Sainte-Marguerite Street and Notre-Dame West. And not to miss anything, a second address has just opened in the Village, on Sainte Catherine street. The restaurant of about forty places welcomes you in a colorful setup, inspired by the beautiful village of Oaxaca from which the family who owns the restaurant comes from. It is with passion that we will discover, through their dishes, a little bit of their country of origin, to our delight. 


As we enter Tacos Frida, a burst of pleasant aromas awakens our senses. The spices used in Mexican cuisine are already making our mouth water. We settle ourselves at one of the small tables in the dining room and notice the superb murals painted on the walls; one represents a luchador, these masked Mexican wrestlers, and the other is the well-known Frida Kahlo. Props to the artist who painted these murals, they are very pretty!


As the name suggests, this taqueria-style restaurant serves a vast selection of tacos as well as traditional dishes  from the cuisine of Southern Mexico.  You will also find on the menu, among other options, a delicious guacamole and one of our favorites, the tortilla soup. The prices are very affordable, we recommend that you try several dishes to fully experience this delightful cuisine


Since we had already tried the evening menu, we decided to take a look at the brunch menu this time. It is interesting to try dishes that you would not usually eat in the morning. First, we each had a drink, a hibiscus juice and a classic horchata, a milky drink from the nutmeg plant. This traditional drink is rather sweet and has an interesting taste of spices. The hibiscus juice was refreshing and its was color a flamboyant red. There are also several alcoholic options such as the classic Margarita or the Tecate, a Mexican beer.


At Tacos Frida everything is homemade, so there's no need to mention that every dish is made with love and according to traditional methods. For brunch, the menu offers eggs cooked in numerous ways, and some dishes more specific to Mexican cuisine. We chose the scrambled eggs A la Mexicana, the Chilaquiles and the breakfast burrito.



The eggs a La Mexicana is a generous plate of scrambled eggs mixed with tomatoes, onions and coriander, simple, fresh and delicious!  The plate comes with a side of black beans, commonly known as frijoles, and tortilla chips


The breakfast burrito will certainly please the bigger appetites, due to the it's size. Fortunately, we were two and we could cut it to share, allowing us to enjoy the other dishes that we ordered. Inside there are eggs, lettuce, black beans and lots of cheese! A portion of Mexican rice and frijoles are also served as an accompaniment. If you go alone and are looking for a good lunch that will satisfy you, this option is ideal.


The third dish we ordered was more traditional. The Chilaquiles is in fact a dish made of corn tortillas coated with a "salsa verde" style sauce to which one then adds cheese, onions as well as sour cream. It is possible to also add beef or eggs on the top. We go with the waiter's suggestion and add the beef. A generous portion of beef, more tender than expected, is added.  This dish is a little different than what we usually eat for breakfast, but we loved it!


We finished the meal, sated and happy, but couldn't resist taking some churros to go.  The appetite was gone, but we could not leave without this delicious dessert. Crunchy on the outside, soft with a caramel filling on the inside, they lived up to our expectations.


Tacos Frida is a family taqueria that is a pleasure to visit, where you can eat delicious food at a modest price. The warmth of the place will make you smile and the staff promises you an enjoyable time. Whether in the Village district or in St Henri, your next brunch destination is all found!


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