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Pearl Tea/Bubble Tea: the Best Spots

A tasty drink all year round.

Jun 27, 2022
Pearl Tea/Bubble Tea: the Best Spots

Did you know that pearl tea/bubble tea comes from Taiwan? Invented in 1980 in a teahouse in Taichung, Taiwan, they offered this particular drink, made of black or green tea. You can drink it cold or hot, and with milk. If it is called bubble tea, "it is because of the light foam that rests on the surface after being hit", and not because of the tapioca balls.

There are as many variations as there are stores in the world. What distinguishes them from each other? The quality of the tea, the use of natural or artificial flavors, the toppings, the sugar, the milk, the fruit, and more. 

Everyone can find their favorite combination according to their mood and that's what makes this drink so endearing.

Check out our favorite places in Montreal and be sure to try them all to find YOUR favorite! 


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Jade d'Or's two branches in Saint-Bruno and Beloeil offer tea-based beverages in the Asian tradition. With original toppings such as tapioca, jellied fruits, and fresh fruits, it's a delight with every sip. 

Pearl tea/Bubbles teas: the best spots


2077, boul. Robert-Bourassa, Montréal, H3A 2M3

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This restaurant offers a beautiful fusion of Taiwanese food and drinks in Montreal. It is impossible to ignore their excellent galaxy lemonades made with butterfly pea flower infusions without artificial coloring. Visit them on-site to discover their tasty food and cocktail menu. 

Pearl tea/Bubbles teas: the best spots


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What sets Presotea apart from its peers is that the tea brews are made to order, one glass at a time, with their espresso machine explicitly converted for tea.



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If there is one company that has put bubble tea on the map in Canada, it is Chatime. With the largest market share in the country, they have won over many fans with the quality of their teas and the diversity of their drinks. Originating from Taiwan, they can be found in over 38 countries!


1849, rue Sainte-Catherine O., Montréal, H3H 1M2

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Importing the ingredients that made them popular directly from Taiwan while using milk from Canadian farms, Xin Fu Tang is a must for any boba lover. We highly recommend you try one of their signature drinks with brown sugar beads, you'll thank us for it, it's so good! 


Pearl tea/Bubbles teas: the best spots


2230, rue Guy, Montréal, H3H 2L9

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Yi Fang is known for their quality fruit tea using no artificial products and 100% Taiwanese ingredients. Don't be surprised to find real fruits in your drinks like apple, orange, and pineapple slices. They now have 3 locations in Brossard, Chinatown, and downtown on Maisonneuve. 


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With over 6000 stores worldwide, Shuyi originally started in China. Today, there are 3 locations in Montreal and this is just the beginning. Whether you like milk tea, tea, or fruit tea, there is no shortage of choices on the menu. They only use real fruit in their drinks. The team suggests you try the herb jelly tea or the refreshing fruit tea. The only thing left to do is to decide what toppings to add.

Pearl tea/Bubbles teas: the best spots


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A Quebec-based company owned by restaurateur Yann Levy and mixologist and bar manager Lawrence Picard, they have fun revisiting the classics with innovative recipes. Their slogan is clear: "No Fake Sh*t", the ingredients used are healthy and of high quality. That said, the menu changes with the seasons to keep a touch of originality and to ensure the freshness of the ingredients. Try it if you want to get off the beaten track. 


1388, rue Ste-Catherine O, Montréal, H3G 1P8

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Founded in 1997 in Taiwan, Coco Fresh has expanded rapidly around the world. Montreal has a branch on Sainte-Catherine and it is constantly busy because it is so popular. In addition to seasonal teas, you can find the classics in milk, fruit, slush, and Yakult (probiotic). Don't forget to customize your toppings so that it's completely to your liking!


1256, rue Guy, Montréal, H3H 2T4

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In addition to being incredibly aesthetically pleasing, the teas served by The Alley are simply delicious. From colorful and unique menus to delicious bubble tea classics, fans line up to enjoy the brown sugar-infused tapioca pearl drinks. Team favorites include their Deerioca Fever and Royal No. 9 Black Tea. 

Check out all the "bubble tea / pearl tea" locations are in Montreal.


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