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CITYLa Medusa: The Beauty of Italy
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La Medusa: The Beauty of Italy

Dec 13, 2018
La Medusa: The Beauty of Italy

Although this establishment has been serving sumptuous Italian cuisine since 1996, it is discreetly on Drummond Street, that La Medusa welcomes you. As you enter, be ready for a warm, enveloping and friendly evening. This is not surprising, Italians know how to receive and are recognized for their hospitality and generosity. Well, La Medusa is no exception! From the moment you open the doors, you feel the warmth and it smells so good. We received a friendly welcome and Luciano Pavarotti tunes put us in the mood.


The decor is not discreet and it's perfect like that, it's enveloping and it immediately makes us want to eat a big bowl of pasta, not to mention the impressive wine cellar that we notice as soon as the we enter the lobby.


Solid wood walls are lined with cushioned orange fabric, these same cushions are also found on the dining room chairs. The space is large enough and well laid out so that there is just enough privacy between the tables. It is a rather noisy place, but this adds to the atmosphere and only makes the whole thing more endearing.


A large room is also located on the lower floor, ideal to accommodate a group who would like to have a private party, the total capacity of the restaurant is 110 people.

La Medusa promises authentic and tasty Italian cuisine that will not leave you hungry. Who says good food, says good wine and you will not be disappointed at this level either. A very impressive wine list is at your disposal, including a large selection of private imports, from Italy of course!

Now let's move on to serious things: the food!

Being seated near the kitchen, we could appreciate the smells coming from the beautiful wood oven. There is a lot of choices on the menu, and it is separated into distinct sections: Antipastis, Zuppes, Insalata, Pastas, Carnes, Pizzas, Risottos, Pesce e Frutti di Mare and Vitellos e Polastri. Classic dishes are of course offered such as mozzarella and tomatoes, fried squid, spaghetti bolognese or carbonara, osso buco, shrimps in marinara sauce or a Milanese risotto (saffron and parmesan cheese).

Given that with the classics one can never go wrong, we started with an entrée personalized by the chef, consisting of mozzarella, fried squid and prosciutto.

Mozzarella is usually served in a more traditional way, with fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. We had a soft and creamy mozzarella, covered with olive oil, honey and orange zest. A tasty slightly sweet and salty mixture. It was my first time eating this type of cheese with honey and it was delicious.


Prosciutto was served in thin slices, with parmesan shavings and lemon juice. The lemon juice complemented the fattier taste of the charcuterie and parmesan cheese.

The fried squids were presented in the form of sticks, different from the usual rings. The flesh was tender and the coating was crispy and salty, a spicy mayonnaise was served on the side.

Continuing with the classics, we then shared the delicious Cacio e Pepe spaghetti. True to the traditional recipe, this pasta dish from Rome is made with pecorino cheese and pepper. The pasta was perfectly al dente, creamy and just fairly spicy because of the pepper. In my opinion, this recipe is a must if you like pasta.


We then left it to the owner to choose the pizza that we would have. He opted for a very special pizza mixing Italian and Quebec flavors. The Calabrese pizza was garnished with sopressata (a salami from the Calabria region), Migneron cheese, basil and maple syrup. The sopressata was crisp and a little reminiscent of bacon. Maple syrup created a delicious blend of sweet and savory. The pizza dough was both crisp and soft and the cheese was delicate and melting.


Everything was absolutely delicious ! We would have loved to be 10 people so we could taste more food.

Known for their gelatos, we could not resist the temptation. We chose the chocolate gelato, specifically the Ferrero Rocher flavour. One of the best gelatos I've eaten so far. It was creamy, velvety, just sweet and chocolatey enough, and to make it even better, crispy pieces of Ferrero were inside. It was the perfect finishing touch to a delicious meal.

We had a very pleasant evening at La Medusa. The welcoming vibe of the place, the friendly service and the authentic food delighted us. If you still haven't had the chance to discover this place, reserve now!


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