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Guacamole Y Tequila

Authentic mexicain cuisine in Sherbrooke

updated: Feb 24, 2020

Guacamole Y Tequila

Although RestoMontreal generally presents restaurants from Montreal and the surrounding area, there are restaurants worth exploring outside of this region. A good example of that would be the Eastern Township, more specifically Sherbrooke. If you are passing through this city and a craving for Mexican food got you by surprise well then, we have the perfect restaurant to suggest.

Guacamole Y Tequila opened about 5 years ago to offer a heartwarming traditional Mexican cuisine. Their main goal is to serve you the food from Mexico the most authentic way, not the Americanized version of it that we are used to getting served. 

Let us guide you in this article to find out more about this delightful restaurant.

The atmosphere at Guacamole Y Tequila is rather animated during the weekend, especially on Friday evenings with their "Latin night", entertained by a live DJ. As for the other days of the week, it is a warm and friendly environment. It's also a restaurant that suits all kinds of occasions. Whether for a romantic dinner, a birthday party, a family night out, you will have the chance to experiment with the true taste of Mexico in each bite.

As soon as you'll get in the restaurant, your attention will automatically be captivated by the magnificent colors displayed in the various decorations: pink painted ceiling, tablecloth in various colors, picturesque garlands and elements reminiscent of Mexico such as rattan chairs and stylish "Falsa" blankets. The serving plates and the glasses used for the cocktails are also inspired by the Mexican look.

Guacamole Y Tequila


The waiters are quite welcoming, despite the fact that it was pretty busy the night we went, our waitress was friendly and attentive to our needs. Besides, we recommend that you make a reservation if you want to visit the restaurant during the weekend in order to assure your place, especially if you are going as a group. 

Now let's move on to the most important aspect: FOOD!

Before you begin your meal, why not try one of their excellent margaritas or opt for a tasting glass from their wide variety of tequilas. 

Guacamole Y Tequila

What is particularly appreciable at Guacamole Y Tequila regarding the food, is that everything is homemade, by hand, with love. Let us tell you that it shows in every dish. Everything is seasoned with care which ensures mouthwatering flavors, you'll want more!

We started with three appetizers to share, being a fairly friendly cuisine, it was the most logical option for us: guacamole, ceviche, and fried calamari were our choices. First, the very classic, palatable, perfect guacamole. Although we have opted for the more traditional option, two other choices are available to you if you feel for something different: mango or chipotle.

Guacamole Y Tequila

The ceviche, made fresh daily with the catch of the day, is seasoned with lime, tomatoes, onions, coriander, and avocados. Another classic, very well executed. The first two appetizers were of course accompanied by tortilla chips. We really enjoyed our third appetizer, the fried calamari. Its light fried coating and spicy flavor perfectly paired with the creamy chipotle sauce that comes with it.

Guacamole Y Tequila

A wide variety of main dishes are available on the menu, among them, we have the best-known classics and others that will introduce you to new Mexican flavors. As we had a hard time making a choice, we opted for the arrachera. This sharing dish made our experience even more enjoyable. A large stone bowl called Molcajete is placed in the center of the table in which they serve a tasty mixture of steak, chorizo, green onions, cheese, and grilled cactus. As a side, each person at the table receives a plate with some rice, guacamole, black beans puree and of course corn tortillas. This dish was originally designed for two people, but the quantity can be adjusted accordingly to the number of people sharing it.


It was delicious! We hesitated for a long time before making our choice, but we were not disappointed. On a future visit, the plate of mixed tacos, the mole con pollo, the enchiladas or even the cochinita pibil would be other options we would try.

Guacamole Y Tequila

You will be warmly welcomed at Guacamole Y Tequila, it is THE best spot in terms of Mexican cuisine in Sherbrooke. Put on your sombrero and pay them a visit now, because as they say so well, mi casa es tu casa!


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