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CITYArticle: Boca Iberica - A Taste of Portugal on Rachel

Boca Iberica - A Taste of Portugal on Rachel

By updated: Jul 10, 2017
Boca Iberica - A Taste of Portugal on Rachel

Montreal is a city renowned for its wide variety of restaurants. It is possible to be transported in countless cultures and to discover a little bit of each culture through the food in your plate.

The warmth of Portugal is at the rendezvous when you eat at Boca Iberica. Now opened for six years, this little place, not so much in sight when you walk by the corner of Rachel and Saint-Laurent streets, offers authentic Portuguese dishes as well as a friendly service that represents this European country. You feel instantly welcomed as if you were entering someone’s home.




A terrace of about sixty seats is located at the front of the restaurant.Inside, there are 90 seats; some of them are on cute high tables. A small delicacy retains the attention, on each table an olive oil bottle is at your disposal in order to appreciate its delicious taste with a piece of fresh bread.

A small selection of wines including mostly wines from Spain and Portugal is available. Some details should be added to make it easier for non-connoisseurs to make a choice.

On the menu, you will find some appetizers, a large quantity of hot and cold tapas, as well as some more generous main dishes. Although it seems simple when you receive it, the tomatoes and fresh cheese salad is a delight, especially when the waiter took the time to explain that the cheese came from a small local producer who delivers to the restaurant daily. The cod croquettes were a nice complement to add with the freshness of the salad.




The tapas option allows you to taste more items and goes well with the tasty flavours, the warmth and the friendly side of Portuguese cuisine. The tapas kind of cuisine also allows you to eat on several courses and to take the time to enjoy the meal without any rush. The grilled octopus is one of the hot tapas not to be missed, it is grilled to perfection offering a texture, “that melts in the mouth”. A small warm salad of onions and bell peppers is served on top of it, which is adding a little kick to the dish. Although we did not taste it, the sirloin with coffee sauce caught our attention. Several grill dishes are also available such as a platter of grilled meats to share and a rack of lamb.


Very popular in Portuguese cuisine, the chorizo ​​served in an oily sauce with the sautéed mushrooms honours this traditional Spanish dish.




My personal favourite was the Sambuca scallops, which, like the octopus, was cooked to perfection and perfumed with saffron.




The Boca Iberica is, therefore, a pleasant place to spend a good time between friends or as a couple for people who appreciate taking their time to enjoy a good meal. If you like the idea of ​​being able to enjoy this cuisine outside the restaurant, they are offering you the possibility to order a whole cochon de lait (price on demand) that can be enjoyed by at least ten people. You will surely remember the welcoming attitude of the manager Rodrigo and you will certainly leave this restaurant with a smile.





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