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Best Ramen Restaurants in Montreal

Nothing better than a good bowl of ramen

Aug 19, 2021

Best Ramen Restaurants in Montreal

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These delicious noodles and salty broth dishes have been popular in Montreal for many years. Tasty, comforting and indispensable on colder days, ramens allow us to enjoy a delicious Japanese cuisine classic. Here is a selection of the best places to savour this traditional dish, all over Greater Montreal.


Kurobuta Izakaya 

Also known as Ramen-Ya, this restaurant is part of the so-called Izakaya category. Izakayas are Japanese pubs where you stop to eat, drink sake, spend time with friends; in general they are quite noisy and festive places. You'll find on the menu of this restaurant several Japanese classics such as gyozas or chirashis, but especially tasty ramens. You have the option of creating your own ramen by choosing your favourite topping and broth.



Ichifuku's menu is mainly devoted to ramens, so you will understand that the selection found it is particularly authentic. This small place located in the Shaughnessy village will surprise you with their appliance, that makes homemade noodles, visible from the window when passing in front of the restaurant. Every noodle is made with love for each bowl of soup prepared there. If you have trouble making a choice, we recommend the Tonkotsu ramen, which is made with a pork bone broth, the one with garlic oil is simply delectable.


Ramen Isshin Brossard

At Ramen Isshin you can enjoy an authentic bowl of ramen and many more appetizing Japanese dishes minutes from Montreal.



You'll understand right away the popularity of the place by noting the queue that is almost always present. Do not get discouraged, the service is fast and the wait is worth it. Also located in Shaughnessy Village, this restaurant is Korean, which is less traditional when it comes to ramen, but we still find some variations in this region. Moreover, the one served with melted cheese is particularly delicious, but spicy lovers will love the kimchi one.

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Kinoya Izakaya

As explained above, Kinoya is an Izakaya type of restaurant. On the other hand, this one specializes a little less in ramens, you'll find there more fish dishes like sashimis or even fried dishes like tempura, squid, and others. We find only one ramen on the menu, which allows it to be executed perfectly for the happiness of our taste buds. Mainly composed of vegetables, roasted sesame seeds, and a boiled egg, you can also choose the garnish you want to add and the broth. For sake lovers, Kinoya has an interesting selection, Kampaï@kinoya_izakaya

Yokato Yokabai

Yokato Yokabai is a charming little restaurant located on Plateau Mont-Royal. Nicknamed the "ramen house", this is probably the best place to eat this noodle dish in this area. What makes them a little more unique, everything is homemade, without using MSG (a very popular additive in the Asian cuisine as it adds the umami so much sought after in the kitchen). You'll find on the menu mainly ramen and a few sides to eat with. It is also possible to leave with a sweet treat such as pockys (very popular biscuits in Japan), which are on sale on site.



Biiru is a funky and trendy Japanese bistro where you go for a drink and share dishes with friends in a pleasant and festive atmosphere. You'll find one choice of ramen among the signature dishes on the menu, composed with a chicken broth, pulled pork, an egg and an element that Quebecers particularly love; cheese curds! They're other Japanese specialties on the menu such as karaage chicken, sashimi and agedashi tofu (fried tofu) as delicious as well. Located downtown, Biiru is the perfect option to start your evening on a Friday night.

Biiru Ramen Restaurant in Montreal

Tsukuyomi Ramen

Tsukuyomi is the perfect place for lunchtime in the Mile End. This very cute little place offers a short menu, but well thought out and very affordable. There are mainly Tonkotsu-style ramens, which are made from pork bone broth, but a vegan option is also available on the menu. To accompany your soup, let yourself be tempted by a ramune, a very popular Japanese soft drink.



Kazu is now open for 8 years and this is not what prevents its traffic every day it is open. When you enter the twenty seat restaurant, you feel like you're no longer in Montreal. It is noisy and not very intimate, but how welcoming the employees are and the quality of the food served there and nowhere else is priceless. Only one choice of ramen is on the menu, believe me only one is enough to convince you. The menu is also full of Japanese specialty of all kinds; I highly recommend the shrimp burger during your visit.



Kinton Ramen

In addition to being a must for ramen in Montreal, Kinton also exists elsewhere in Canada as well as in Korea. It is clear that the menu differs in every location, but you'll find in each place the same four steps formula: The selection of the broth, the flavour, the noodle type and the garnish or extras to add on the soup. You can have your soup with small hot or cold sides to share, which are also available.


KÒI Noodle Bar

It is now possible to enjoy an appetizing bowl of ramen in Laval, on Boulevard Saint-Martin West. Yes, the Koi Noodle Bar welcomes you in a warm decor to make you appreciate their Japanese fusion cuisine. On the menu, several soup choices, including four ramen options will warm your heart and fill up your belly. It is also possible to customize your own meal to create THE perfect bowl of soup. Do not hesitate to try one of the sides with your soup, such as chicken karaage, edamames or gyozas.


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