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Best Cheap Eats (for Students!) in Montreal

Sep 13, 2018

Best Cheap Eats (for Students!) in Montreal

17 Restaurants mentioned

Back to school often means lots of students having a smaller budget for fun activities. Unfortunately, this also includes limiting our outings to the restaurant. As these restaurant outings are generally a lot of fun, we have prepared a list of restaurants that allow you to go dine on a budget! Here is a list of the best cheap eats in Montreal.


Near UQAM:


Saint-Houblon receives you in its two establishments; either near UQAM or near Université de Montréal. This gastronomic pub offers an impressive selection of craft beers in a cozy atmosphere. You will find a simple bistro menu, but very well executed, where prices are around 15$, so it is possible to eat good food and drink good beer for a low price! Also, go spoil yourself with their decadent brunch one morning, if your class starts only in the afternoon ;)



UQAM students knew this restaurant that was located in the school, by the name of "Bistro Sanguinet". Well you will be happy to know that Bistro Sanguinet has been replaced by Ginkgo and it brings freshness to that spot and definitely  goes better with the "student vibe". Ginkgo not only offers affordable and delicious food, but the place is quite charming. There are many plants, colorful accessories and generally a younger look and feel. You will find dishes that will please everyone as well as cocktails and specials perfect for your happy hour!


Resto Végo

Located not far from UQAM, Resto Végo is offering two options. A take-out counter with meals prepared directly there, or a buffet that allows you to choose from a wide selection of hot and cold dishes that you can bring as a take-out or eat in the dining room. As for the buffet, the price will be based on the weight of what you have chosen, a bit like at the cafeteria. All the options available on the menu are healthy and tasty as well as vegetarian and vegan. If you are not too hungry, opt for one of their delicious juices or ice cream!

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Hinnawi Bros Bagel & Café

The "Bros" of Hinnawi Bros Bagel & Café welcome you to four locations in Downtown and the "Quartier Latin". As the name says, bagels are their specialties! You will find all sorts of sandwiches made from bagels, such as the Sherbrooke made with grilled chicken, mozzarella and various vegetables. Their coffee shops are perfect for studying or for a casual time with friends. To get fresh bagels, visit the one located on Cathcart, this is where their bagel factory is based.



This concept has emerged in recent years in Montreal: the type of restaurants that offer meals for only $5, yes you read well, everything at 5$. This is what the Cinko restaurant offers you with the purchase of a beverage. It's perfect to grab something to eat on the go or to share a lot of plates with your friends when finishing classes. The varied cuisine allows everyone to find something they like and the cocktails are affordable and original.


Sushi Momo

Fans of sushi and vegan dishes will be in paradise with this place. Sushi Momo offers a new version of all your favorite sushi; they recreate popular recipes, but entirely vegan. We can say that this is an innovation in the world of sushi since most of the time they are made with varied fish. What's even more impressive is that they are incredibly good and do not cost more than about 7$ to 15$ per roll.


Near McGill :

La Prep

In each of its locations, La Prep makes sure to offer you the best quality and the freshest products by preparing the items on the menu fresh every morning. With more than a dozen restaurants, La Prep allows you to eat healthy options on the go without spending too much. You'll find plenty of sandwiches, salads, soups, and other snacks perfect for lunch. If your schedule does not allow you to spend time directly on site because of a meeting or class, and you want to offer your colleagues a dinner, La Prep offers a catering service that allows you to choose your own sandwich trays or salads for a very affordable price.


Le Majes Thé

With more than 11 types of cold lattes and "bubbles teas" to quench your thirst, the Majes Thé is obviously an option of choice for tea and sweet treat lovers. Although these options are very popular, they also serve delicious Asian fusion dishes such as karaage chicken, rice bowls, baos (steamed buns) served with various toppings. Prices range from 5$ to 15$, perfect for your student wallets!


Lola Rosa

Comfort food lovers know Lola Rosa for its satisfying and delicious vegetarian meals! Find all your favorite comforting dishes without meat, for less than 15$. Ragout, chili, macaroni, burger, poutine and more! This is the best place to eat all your guilty pleasures without feeling too guilty. In addition, four locations are at your disposal so you can enjoy it everywhere in Montreal.


Café Vasco Da Gama

Café Vasco Da Gama was inspired by the old Portuguese counters to offer you an authentic atmosphere during your visit. You will find fresh and tasty products, sandwiches inspired by a world cuisine and various menus that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. A tearoom allows you to chat with friends while relaxing and a bar section also allows you to have a drink if you feel like it. You're in a rush? No problem, take your meal to go.



Campo is the little brother of the famous Ferreira. Obviously, the food that is served is typically Portuguese: Sandwich, guédille or poutine with grilled Portuguese chicken, yum! You will find many kinds of grilled meats in this small counter-type restaurant where you can eat or take to go. The place is charming, warm and unpretentious and is located between McGill University and Concordia.


Ramen Misoya

Ramen lovers probably already know Ramen Misoya, because it is in our opinion one of the most authentic places for ramen in that area. With its wide variety, you will become addicted to the flavors that make up their delicious soups. What makes the place even more interesting is that you will find portions that can satisfy the biggest appetites for more than affordable prices, and on top of that, they are open every day.


Near Université de Montréal :

Brûlerie Urbaine

Brûlerie Urbaine is just a few steps from the University of Montreal and is spacious enough so you can meet with several friends on a break or after a class. You will be seduced by the roasted coffee smell as soon as you step inside. Homemade sandwiches are offered to fill all cravings. A breakfast menu is also available if you go there earlier in the day.



Near Concordia University:


It is only a few minutes walk from Concordia University that the Ganadara is located. If you don't have a lot of time between classes it's best not to go here because sometimes the wait could be long, but it's well worth it if you have some time. You will find a typical and really delicious Korean menu. Although waiting to sit down is sometimes long, the service is fast and the waiters are very friendly. This is not the kind of place you get bored, there is always a lot of people and it's noisy, but that's what makes the place so charming. We suggest you to taste ramen with melted cheese, DECADENT!


Koa Lua

With their two locations, Koa Lua is close to McGill and Concordia University. The second you will get inside, you will be charmed by the Hawaiian style decoration as well as the typical cuisine from that area. Visit that restaurant especially for their poke bowls, which have been very popular in Montreal for about 2 years already. This is the perfect option for a quick and healthy lunch. The portions are generous and the prices are reasonable for dishes consisting of fresh and tasty fish.


Vua Sandwichs & Sushis

Vua is definitely a favorite for all students who know this place. Now with several locations, it is near UQAM that they first made their reputation. Now, three other restaurants are located downtown and near Concordia University. You will find some Banh Mi, a typical Vietnamese sandwich, at a price almost ridiculous for the size of the sandwich. Sushis are also available in the takeout counter, and connoisseurs know that before closing time a 30% discount applies on the sushis, perfect for late night class or studying session!


Il Panino Café Méditerranéo

Il Panino is a panini paradise. There is something for everyone, really. Whether you want to eat healthier or want a big sandwich filled with gourmet cheese and charcuterie, it's possible. The combos offered are perfect for a complete lunch to have your stomach filled before a class: Sandwich, salad or soup, coffee (for moral support) or other beverages! The only advice concerning the place, in a school context, it is more appropriate to meet there for a team work session than to study alone, because it is rather noisy generally due to the fact that it is busy at every hour.


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