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14 Wonderful Wood-fired Pizza Places in Montreal

When fire makes all the difference!

updated: Sep 21, 2022

14 Wonderful Wood-fired Pizza Places in Montreal

If there is one dish that can bring many people together around the table, it is pizza. Many people prefer to only go to restaurants with wood-fired ovens. It's true that the taste is simply not the same and requires an unparalleled mastery of cooking.

What makes a wood-fired oven different? 

The pizza oven has a hemispherical shape for better internal air circulation. This shape creates a small pocket in the oven, where the hot air generated by the flame circulates throughout the pizza and transfers heat by radiation. The heat rises to the top and then is pushed out to evenly cook the pizza in minutes. 

Enough said, here are our top picks for wood-fired pizza in several neighborhoods in and around Montreal.

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1428, rue Stanley, Montréal, H3A 1P7

View More  (438) 384-0948

Brigade is the first Neapolitan pizza shop in Canada that allows you to create your own pizza with the ingredients of your choice! In addition to being baked in a wood-fired oven, everything is prepared according to the ancient practices of pizza making. The customer experience and tradition are at the heart of their values. 

14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses


5152, rue Jarry E, Montréal, H1R 1Y4

View More  (514) 326-5184

Pizzeria Gusto is located in Saint-Leonard. They are proof that it is possible to discover excellent pizzas outside of the central areas of the city of Montreal. The quality of the ingredients and the respect for the processes to create an authentic pizza are a priority for passionate owners. They are also open for lunch if you want a good pizza for lunch!


14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses


5090, rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, H4C 1T1

View More  (514) 379-4883

One of the city's most popular pizzerias is Elena's. Located in Saint-Henri, it offers delicious sourdough pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven and an impressive selection of natural wines. The kale Caesar salad appetizer is a must-try if you like to discover new versions of this classic!

14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses


Multiple locations

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It's on du Parc and at the Time Out Market that you can savor pizzas that will turn the heads of any connoisseur. Different atmospheres are offered according to your desires, but the same constancy in the food served: pizzas cooked in a wood oven with an inspired market cuisine, elaborated with the most beautiful products from here and Italy. Don't hesitate to order some extras like fresh pasta or sauces to make them at home!

14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses


16, rue Maguire, Montréal, H2T 1B8

View More  (514) 507-2900

It's in the Mile-End that we find these wonderful artisanal pizzas cooked on a wood fire. The dough is crispy and soft at the same time, the ingredients are quality, the staff is warm and the atmosphere is great. A must in the neighborhood for sure!

14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses


3991, rue Ontario E, Montréal, H1W 1T1

View More  (514) 905-8211

Well known in Hochelaga, it is not uncommon to hear people come in for one of Heirloom's fresh pizzas or plates of pasta. There are many recipes that will suit fans of Italian, American, creative, and/or vegetarian versions! At the same time, enjoy a cocktail, a privately imported wine, or a festive bottle of wine. 


14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses


1223, rue du Square-Phillips, Montréal, H3B 3E9

View More  (514) 879-1045

Since 1984, Montrealers and tourists alike have been coming to Il Focolaio to experience the authentic homemade Italian taste. Il Focolaio means the fireplace in Italian. This name perfectly describes the maple wood-fired oven where all the pizzas are cooked and topped with their succulent ingredients.

14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses


410, rue Saint-Vincent, Montréal, H2Y 3A5

View More  (514) 861-5039

BEVO Bar + Pizzeria offers traditional Italian cuisine, original cocktails, and a refreshing atmosphere every night. You'll find classic dishes with creative touches. Their specialty: is authentic pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven. Every Thursday night, a DJ sets up shop to make you dance on your seats... or next to them.

14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses


4657, rue St-Denis, Montréal, H2J 2L5

View More  (514) 564-5842

Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, Artigiani invites you to take a leap into Italy by tasting the typical Neapolitan pizza cooked according to the rules of the art. From the appetizer to the dessert, you will be transported in an authentic Italian universe.

14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses


Multiple locations

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Enoteca Monza is a contemporary restaurant with old traditions. For a night out with family and friends, or a tête-à-tête with a loved one, Enoteca Monza offers a menu featuring Italian classics and modern favorites. They are also a wine bar, so let the staff advise you on how to perfectly match the bottle with your taste and meal.

14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses


Multiple locations

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Located in the heart of Little Italy and Laval, Pizzeria Bottega is a renowned family-run restaurant. It serves a wide variety of Italian dishes ranging from authentic Neapolitan pizza to a selection of sfizi, Neapolitan-style tapas. Its wood-fired oven, imported directly from Naples, bakes the pizza in the tradition of its region of origin. 

14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses


Multiple locations

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Established in 1983, Le Vieux Four is a restaurant known for its authentic Italian cuisine, its pizza cooked in a wood oven, and its fresh and natural products, served in a warm and family atmosphere in Laval.

14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses


2794, boul. Jacques-Cartier E, Longueuil, J4N 1P8

View More  (450) 448-8111

Restaurant Bravi offers delicious Italian cuisine specializing in fresh pasta and wood oven pizzas. A wide variety of meat, fish, and seafood dishes are also available. 

14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses


7575, boul. Taschereau, Brossard, J4Y 1A2

View More  (450) 678-1441

This Italian restaurant has a large central bar, surrounded by giant screens, so you can enjoy an evening with friends, as well as watch your favorite sports team! Their menu offers a large selection of thin crust pizzas as well as pasta, mussels, seafood, and steaks. 

14 wonderful wood-fired pizzas addresses

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