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2356, chemin Lucerne
 (514) 733-7337
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  Service ok et nourriture correct mais il n'y à rien d'exceptionnel ! Mais cette succursale est bien meilleure que celle au centre-ville.    by: jordanm  
About us
Ben & Florentine serves up a great day!

From hearty breakfasts to healthy lunches, all our food is lovingly prepared with fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Whether you want a savoury morning or afternoon meal, we offer the finest dining experience for the breakfast & lunch crowd.

At Ben & Florentine, It’s all about the food!™ Welcoming everyone with a hot cup of coffee & a cheerful “bonjour”, we are proud of our excellent customer service. The stage is set for a genial business meeting, a family outing or a gab session with friends. Ben & Florentine is where generations mingle, where entrepreneurs meet & where couples reconnect over delicious dishes.

Relax in the comfort of our specially designed restaurants, which create a warm & friendly atmosphere. We believe that a great meal enjoyed in a pleasing ambiance has the power to bring people together. Food, fun & conversation, the perfect recipe for an unforgettable get together.

Come in & let us serve up a great day, every day!
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Ben & Florentine
1928, boul. Thimens
Ville Saint-Laurent
Ben & Florentine
584, montee Masson
Ben & Florentine
3555, boul. Saint-Charles
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