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  3685, boul. St-Laurent (des Pins)
(514) 985-9559
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I am very happy to have tried this place last night. We had the house specialty noodle dish (sorry I forgot the name!) suggested by the waiter, a delicious salad with tomatoes, lettuce, dried shrimp and nuts and a fantastic little bowl of fish soup. I wish they had made the food especially spicy as I requested but they held back. Next time I go, which will be very soon, I will demand that it is as spicy as possible! You can also bring your own wine and it is very inexpensive, a little over 30$ for our 3 dishes. Superb!    by: Humbert  PRO
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Restaurant Ruby Burma is the first Burmese (Myanmar) restaurant in Montreal. Owned and operated by Burmese, on the menu you will find the most famous dishes from every corner of Myanmar (if you are not familiar, imagine a combination of Indian and Thai flavors).
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