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Bring Your Own Wine - Saveurs Thaï - Pierrefonds-Roxboro
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Saveurs Thaï
"Bring your own wine!"
13900, boul. Pierrefonds
 (514) 696-8228
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    $$ ($20 to $30)  
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    Master Card, Visa, Interac, Cash
    4.8   Reviews (15)
    based on 15 ratings.
    The Indochine roll is fabulous - fresh, crisp, a pleasure of textures and taste. We have tried many items on the menu and all have plentifull portions and were savoury. Everyone we have ever brought there for dinner also have enjoyed it. the coupon for the soup is a good value. this restaurant is on our '...    by: OuiFrançoise  
    About us...
    Saveurs Thai invites you to share our passion for Thai cuisine, Cambodgian and other delicacies of South East Asia. We offer you a fresh cuisine that stands out by its quality and flavours. Your tastebuds will be satisfied by the soft mariage between sour, spiced, salted and sweet.

    When arriving, you will be charmed by the traditional decor created carefully by Mr. Chhiv Sim Leng, a Cambodgian artist.

    Bring your own wine and let yourself carry by the warm atmosphere that will please all couples, families and groups.
    Features & Details
    Capacity: 50
    Parking: Free parking.
    This restaurant has confirmed it is wheelchair accessible as required under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
    Our House Specialties
    Bangkok & Tom Yam soups, Imperial rolls, Phat Thai, Beef Thai-Cambodian style , Thai chicken, Khrong Thep Shrimps & the "Jardin de saveur".
    Our Job Offers
    We currently have no job offers posted.
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