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  983, boul. St-Jean
(514) 697-8529
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Great West Island breakfast haunt...as evidenced by the out-the-door crowds of patrons lining up for their breakfast and brunch fixes. Once seated, service is always prompt and friendly, portions are on the generous side, and the crepes are wonderfully tasty. Fruits and vegetables are always served fresh. Pricing falls well within the realm of what you'd expect to pay for a like resto/bistro.    by: Daveron  ACTIVE
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Déjeuner Cosmopolitain is an extraordinary, upscale all day breakfast and lunch restaurant. It has become a landmark in the Montreal area for the eclectic and health conscious individual. There are no preservatives, no trans-fat, and no chemicals in anything that is served.
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Le Déjeuner Cosmopolitain
3208, boul. Saint-Martin O
Laval, QC
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