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Reviews for Au Pied de Cochon
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  Finally got around to try APDC. Looking at the clientelle, it shows its one of Montreal's 'Must Visits' as the tourists and first timers seemed to outnumber the regulars. Portions seem abit small but when combined with an entree, it ends up being quite filling.. Get ready .. the food is very rich! Duck Breast Excellent and The Melting pot of sausages abit small and stingy on the Mashed Potatoes. but good Big miss of the evening was the Creme Brule - a l'erable (Maple) . Top was sof...    by: canguy  
About us...
Au Pied de Cochon Restaurant proposes a traditional cuisine featuring fois gras and game meats prepared in a wood oven. Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, the restaurant offers an impressive selection of wines which will please all levels of wine lovers. A bistro atmosphere coupled with an attentive and friendly service will offer you an experience in itself.
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