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Reviews for Le P'Tit Plateau
based on 28 ratings.
  Bonne service et bonne bouffe apportez votre vin, on voit meme le chef et la preparation des plats.le potage et le tartare au saumon tres bon! Magret farcie fois gras wow et souris d'agneau tres tres bon! Love le p'tit plateau will go again,best food!!!    by: Garo  
About us...
Le P'Tit Plateau Restaurant on Marie-Anne Street East serves fine regional French cuisine from the South-western part of France. Some specialties on the menu: Duck confit, Terrine, Lamb, Foie gras, etc... At Le P'Tit Plateau diners can bring their own wine. As the name implies, the restaurant is small so reservations are advisable if not essential.
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