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  2373, boul. Marcel-Laurin (Ch Laval)
(514) 334-1199
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This has been one of our favourites for many years. Excellent food with an ample choice. Although the service can be a bit slow and cold the overall experience is great. The odd times when there has been an issue they were quick to correct the problem. Having travelled around the world I have never been in a restaurant that did not occasionally have an error or problem, however they are quick to correct and compensate. Whereas other restaurants in Montreal may correct they rarely if ever compensate.    by: bear2bar  ACTIVE
$$ ($20 to $30)  
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Daou Restaurant on Marcel Laurin in Ville-St-Laurent serves some of the city's best Lebanese home style cooking. Some dishes on the menu include: hummus with ground meat, stuffed grape leaves (yabrak), chicken, shrimps, minced lamb, filet mignon and delicately seasoned kabobs. Singer Céline Dion and her husband have enjoyed this casual restaurant on many occasions. Restaurant Daou also offers a great catering service.
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519, rue Faillon E
Montreal, QC
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