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  12, rue Dante (Boul St-Laurent)
(514) 278-6502
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Mmm...understated elegance I would say. Although on the pricier side, we enjoyed a light beet salad with goat cheese, pine nuts...very nice. But what had the most bite, was the amazing veal chop. I'd say one of the best I've had yet. I would definetly go back, it's that memorable.    by: CookieKhat  ACTIVE
$$$ ($30 to $45)  
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Located in the heart of Montreal's charming Little Italy district, the Restaurant Lucca serves market-fresh Italian cuisine. Lucca specializes in a wide range of fine gourmet dishes like fresh pasta (a popular choice: seafood linguine), seafood, risotto, veal chops, filet mignon and grilled fish. Lucca details its menu on a chalkboard since the dishes change according to market availability.
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