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$$$ ($30 to $45)  
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Reviews for L'Orchidée de Chine
based on 12 ratings.
  i really liked the decor as well as the asian-modern feel of the restaurant. it was indeed a little pricey, but it was worth it. would only go back for a pretty special occasion.    by: vcowan  
About us...
L'Orchidée de Chine Restaurant located on Peel Street right in the heart of downtown Montreal. Diners at L'Orchidée de Chine are offered exquisite Szechwan and Peking cuisine. The menu includes fresh fish, seafood, orange beef, general tao, Peking ribs dishes as well as traditional regional Chinese fare such as Szechuan shrimp or Peking duck. L'Orchidée de Chine is housed in a large two-storey dwelling comprised of two dining rooms, a bar and a terrace. Valet service available evenings.
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