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  1198, rue Ste-Catherine O (Drummond)
(514) 866-3233
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Love this place. Been going here for 47 years. They used to give a piece of Dentyne gum on the side of the plate if you ordered a burger with onion, (they should start doing that again).The generosity has changed since the Reno. No pickles in the bowl that was ALWAYS on the table. I ordered a hamburger steak, and the gravy was in a paper cup. Recently renovated, a shocking change from the old. Don't know why they did the Reno, it was great before, very nostalgic. My hamburger steak was cooked to perfection and so was my wif...    by: Ivan Diner  ACTIVE
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At Mister Steer, making first-rate burgers is our business. We use only fresh ingredients in our restaurant, only our ice cream is frozen! Hand shaped patties from the finest kosher beef, deliciously spiced, our burgers are char grilled to a state of perfection.
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