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5400, boul. St-Laurent
 (514) 272-8029
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Reviews for Pucapuca (Puca Puca)
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  I've wanted to try out this restaurant for several years now, ever since I noticed it being right near my apartment, but I never got around to it. Tonight I knew I was having a family dinner, and that I needed to get myself some vegan food beforehand. I had read in someone's comments on Puca Puca that they had exceptional tofu, so I headed over there. I arrived earlier than their opening hour, but say the chef/owner in the bed, and phoned, and he let me in with a smile. I ended up leaving ...    by: esmegalina  PRO
About us
Restaurant Pucapuca is located in local with large windows right on St-Laurent Boulevard in Outremont. Pucapuca is a Peruvian restaurant with South American decorations. Menu influenced by Inca cuisine, mostly composed of fresh fish, meat and potatoes.
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