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5365, rue des Jockeys
 (514) 731-6455
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  One of my favourite souvlaki place to eat! The service is excellent and really fast! The food is amazing and fresh everytime! The portions are phenomenal My boyfriend and i usually take a trio of chicken pita with sides of salad marathon and fries + another chicken pita so we can share the salad and fries for 2 and it fills us up every time! The place is always clean and the servers are really nice! :)    by: MTLOVE
About us
Marathon Souvlaki in the Décarie district of Montreal, specializes in fresh, tender meat souvlakis. Marathon Souvlaki has also won an award for the best souvlaki by the Gazette. There are a choice between pork, lamb, chicken or even vegetarian souvlaki. Other dishes are also available at Marathon Souvlaki.
3 Other Location(s)
Marathon Souvlaki
3313, boul. des Sources
Marathon Souvlaki
3938, boul. Notre-Dame
Marathon Souvlaki
3940, boul. Notre-Dame
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