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3100, rue Masson
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About us
Starting August 1st, 2012, we will keep evolving under a new name: Oeuf & Boeuf.
We were already offering a wide variety of breakfast-brunch meals, while also serving succulent dishes for supper, making it the first restaurant of its kind. A table d'hôte will be available at night, along with a selection of salads, gourmet burgers, grills, wines, beers, etc.

Oeuf & Boeuf prepare home cooked meals which are served in a warm atmosphere and a rustic, unique and unrepeatable decor, reminiscent of the glory days. Our cuisine offers you healthy choices that will please you. Your children will be delighted as well. Eating at Oeuf & Boeuf will remind you of the sweet sensation that can be found at home.

Our updated menu offers plenty of surprises, one as captivating as the next. Our dish presentations will warm your hearts and give you pleasant memories. Our customers, as well as our staff, feel right at home! Together, we build an oasis in our neighbourhood filled with happiness. Thank you for your unprecedented support, present and future.

One of the most surprising addition to our menu: Roasted, Red Potatoes Ramekins, gratin to your taste. Our filtered coffee is now included with your dish.

Hope to see you,

The Management
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