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VILLEKleine Shoppe Montréal

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3027, rue Notre-Dame O, H4C 1N9

Montréal ⋅ Saint-Henri, Petite-Bourgogne

(514) 379-1253

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I was underwhelmed and terribly dissatisfied with my experience at Kleine Shoppe. The reviews are misleading. I am writing a realistic comment based on my personal and underwhelming experience to hopefully help someone from making the same mistake. I placed an order for baked goods at Kleine Shoppe which had a premium price point of $60. I initially found this incredibly expensive - I am very much aware of what it takes to run a business as well as, the costs that are incurred. But this price point is unexplainable. However, optimistically I was willing to give the place a shot assuming there may be a reason for such a high price point for cookies, pop tart and tiny brownies (my hope was that the goods were of quality). Knowing what I know now, I would have not even paid $5 for my order. I would like to begin with addressing packaging which was a pizza box. I am picking up baked goods in a small pizza box? I was dumb founded at this point. But then, I kept an open mind hoping there would be a quality baked good inside the pizza box to justify the price point. I opened the box to find a lack of presentation - they didn't even take into account how the pizza box smashed the dessert. So I am looking at dessert which is already a mess due to the height of the dessert was impacted by the lack of height in a pizza box. Also, the dessert lacked presentation. There is no eye for detail - I was under the impression they were decorated by someone under the age of 10. I am by no means trying to insult the bakers but simply providing advice as there is definitive room for improvement. If you want to sell baked goods at 60$ please take some type of baking/culinary course as it is known that people eat something with their eyes before they eat with their mouth. Presentation is IMPORTANT. Now onto the taste, So lets just say that I have a sweet tooth and enjoy deserts but these were absolutely tasteless and not good. They could not be eaten and I wasn't sure if I got a bad batch or if this was a one off situation and when I messaged the owner to let her know and she confirmed my batch was perfectly fine. So I am here to say ..... its not normal to pay so much money for desert which tastes like cardboard. The brownies were terribly dry. The oat good was melted in the box. I had to throw them in the garbage as none of my guests could eat them. So here is a story of a dissatisfied client who politely expressed these concerns privately to the owner prior to writing a public review and they told me "sorry it wasn't to your liking and take care :)". And this was truly the cherry on top, to express how I would not recommend this place to anyone. Save your money, read my review and go spend your hard earned dollars elsewhere .. where you could actually enjoy the desert!

12 juil., 2020

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