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3.8/5based on 2 votes


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Un souper en terrasse gâché par les fumeurs qui occupaient 2 tables sur les 6 tables disponibles sur la minuscule terrasse. La terrasse située très près du trottoir de la rue très passante est minuscule. À peine 15 personnes pourraient y manger, comptant qu’il y a 4 personnes par table.
Les serveurs ont énormément de difficultés à parler en français mais le service est correct.
Le prix de 9.50$ pour les escargots à la provençale est exagéré. Par contre, l’entrée melon et proscuitto était excellente et abondante. Le menu est varié. Le vin maison est très bon.
Un grand stationnement à l’arrière du restaurant.

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23 Reviews

After 25 years of this restaurant being opened, not one review here? So Either people have never dined here before or Natalino's owners just joined restomontreal.ca, so ill go the obivious and say its the second!

I havent been to this restaurant in a while and i finally went back in November'10 after dining there in the summer and being Novemeber..it was smack in the beginning of hard winter season so no terrasse, no scenic view and no sangria but i was in Dorval and my collegues already had made reservations at Natalino's, so i gladly joined them!

Listen, lets be straight...Natalino's is not a "trendy" or "cool" place to hang out or people watch and the decor is a bit old school but its homey, has great service and the food is spot on, besides being there in the summer last year and going back again the winter, ive been there maybe 5 times already before that with family and friends and the food has always been consistant, not one my favorite restaurants but i could see this being a favorite for others.

Everything i go there, ive had their penne arrabiata and Lamb chops and for 5 years since, the sauce remains the same, pasta cooked al dente and the lamb chop is always cooked perfectly..so what can i ask for more!!

I will definitly go back this summer if im in the area, its situated in a nice area and they have a great terrasse, and this time..i will try something different to get a better idea of whats happening in the kitchen with their other plates!

Congraduations to Natalinos for 25 years+....a rare thing these days!

Food: 3 1/2 stars (out of five) Service: 4 Stars Decor: 3 Stars

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