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CITYArticle: The Best Bagels in the Greater Montreal Area!

The Best Bagels in the Greater Montreal Area!

Are you a traditional or innovative bagel person?

Jun 27, 2022
The Best Bagels in the Greater Montreal Area!

When it comes to bagels, there will always be that famous debate between New York and Montreal who offers the best? 

What is the difference between the 2? The method of preparation! 

Hand-rolled, boiled in sugar water, and baked in a wood-fired oven, Montreal bagels are thinner, smaller, and much sweeter than their counterparts. 

New York bagels tend to be much larger, with a softer, chewier interior due to the lack of eggs and the time spent baking in more traditional ovens.

We've rounded up our favorite places in the greater Montreal area, some of which are pioneers, while others have emerged in recent years.


A family business that has been in operation for over 60 years, St-Viateur Bagels is a true institution in Montreal. Several employees have been working there for the past 25 years! The most known location is certainly at 263, St-Viateur Street West in Mile-End. You can eat the bagels in one of the three other branches: on Mont-Royal East in the Plateau Mont-Royal, on Tecumseh in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, and Dagenais West in Laval. With 8 flavors, among the most popular are sesame, pumpernickel, and plain. Depending on the location, sandwiches and spreads are available. They also offer bagel delivery across Canada and the United States.


Open in 1919, Fairmount Bagels was the first bagel bakery in Canada. Handmade and baked in the traditional wood-fired oven, bagels are available 24 hours a day. Enjoy regular bagels or other styles such as a miniature, chip, Matzoh, New York-style pretzel, or Bozo (three bagels twisted into one). With regards to the flavors, there are many to choose from including cumin seeds, blueberries, black rye, sesame, or flax seeds to name a few. They only have one location, but you can get them at any of the 32 distributors around the city. Did you know? Their bagels have also been eaten in outer space by astronauts!

The best bagels in the greater Montreal area!



Bagel St-Lo has been in operation since 2014 and now makes bagels 7 days a week in Verdun. While lunches are served there until 3 pm, dinners are available at all times. No matter if you prefer the sweet or the savory option, you will have the choice between the 2! This young and dynamic business is really worth discovering, as much for the quality of its bagels, homemade spreads, and meals as for its warm welcome. Don't hesitate to bring your children, they are more than welcome!

The best bagels in the greater Montreal area!


Bagel St-Eustache is probably one of the best places to enjoy freshly made bagels in the Laurentians. The bagels are made traditionally and the cheese is even made on site. They many variations available so you can make your favorite combination. Go there to start your day or for lunch, good bagel sandwiches are waiting for you. A children's menu is also available for the little ones. What sets this place apart is the friendly service of the staff and owners.

The best bagels in the greater Montreal area!


A little less known than the others on the list, this is a hidden gem near Beaubien metro. The bagels are baked the traditional way in a wood-fired oven. They are one of the only places to offer a variety of vegan bagels. The bagels can be eaten on their own, as sandwiches, or you can make your own by adding smoked salmon or Philadelphia cheese. Smaller sizes are also available upon request. 



Newly relocated to Lasalle on Lapierre Street, Ville-Émard Bagels was the first to offer traditional bagels in the neighborhood. We go to them for the quality of the bagels, the variety of flavors, and the good coffee! Enjoy their bagel sandwiches, ready-to-eat meals, and many pastries. Multiple combinations are possible to order on-site, online, or by phone. 

The best bagels in the greater Montreal area!


More than just a place to get delicious bagels, Bagel Ste-Rose in Laval is also a breakfast and lunch restaurant. In the morning, eat a good bagel sandwich with a mountain of fresh fruit, while at lunch, it will be accompanied by a soup and a salad. Bagels come in different forms: sticks, chips, or cubes. Did you know that this is one of Celine Dion's favorite places to eat bagels in Montreal? When she is in Montreal, she gets 8 to 10 dozen bagels delivered!

The best bagels in the greater Montreal area!



If you're ever in Griffintown, here's a must-stop for any bagel lover: Le Trou. The bagels are prepared on-site and hand-rolled in the pure Montreal tradition. They serve traditional flavors like sesame, original, poppy seed, and a special secret creation called the Griffintown. You can enjoy the bagels on-site in their dozen-seat dining room or enjoy them at home, don't forget to grab some smoked salmon and cream cheese for takeout. 


Brossard Bagel prepares everything by hand in the traditional way with a maple wood oven. A wide variety of flavors are available to eat alone, with your favorite spread, or as a sandwich. A terrace is available in the summer so you can enjoy your bagel on site while soaking in the sun. Also, you don't have to look for parking, there's plenty in front of the store. 

The best bagels in the greater Montreal area!


Glen Spence has been making bagels for over 20 years in the diverse neighborhood of Côte-St-Luc. The bagels are fresh, golden, soft, and tasty, in keeping with the Montreal tradition. You can choose from traditional or creative recipes. Why not try a cranberry coconut bagel or a banana chocolate chip bagel? Once you've made your choice, all you have to do is figure out what you're going to put inside! Two menus are available: one for breakfast and one for lunch. 

The best bagels in the greater Montreal area!


District Bagel is a 100% kosher business that started in 2008. In the beginning, they were known for their excellent and generous sandwiches. Later on, they acquired Mount Royal Bagels and became District Bagels. Today, they have two locations, one on Lucerne in Côte-des-Neiges and one on Avenue du Parc in Outremont. They serve breakfast bagel sandwiches in the morning and other selections offered all day long. In addition to the classic bagels, there are other variations such as jalapenos, steak spices, or cinnamon. They also have a grocery section where prepared meals are offered, perfect for your lunch boxes!

The best bagels in the greater Montreal area!


Yagel Bagel is located in Dollard-des-Ormeaux and not only serves excellent bagels, challah, but also various dishes prepared on-site as well as grocery products. This kosher business will surprise you with the quality of its products. They do not produce their bagels, but you will find the best in the city in one place!

The best bagels in the greater Montreal area!

Of course, the best bagel is so subjective, depending on everyone's preferences. 

How do you prefer it? In sandwiches, with a spread, as chips or in cubes?


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