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Article: The Best American BBQ and Smokehouse Spots In Montreal

The Best American BBQ and Smokehouse Spots In Montreal

Taste the Smoke: From Brisket to Pulled Pork

By updated: Apr 18, 2024
The Best American BBQ and Smokehouse Spots In Montreal
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In Montreal, authentic American barbecue enthusiasts have plenty to rejoice about with a multitude of restaurants offering smoked dishes on-site.

Establishments combining Southern tradition with Quebecois flair provide an unforgettable culinary experience. From succulent ribs to tender smoked chicken, each bite transports diners to the flavorful landscapes of the American South.

Equipped with smokers and smokehouses, these restaurants are true temples of BBQ cuisine.

Whether seeking a laid-back atmosphere or a family feast, Montreal has it all to satisfy your grilled meat cravings.

Explore our guide to the best American barbecue restaurants with onsite smokehouses in Montreal to discover where to find the finest Southern flavors in the heart of the city.

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3882 Rue Ontario E, Montréal, H1W 1S6

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The Blind Pig, the ultimate Hochelaga haunt since 2015, is the only one to play with fire, boasting its own smokehouse in the neighborhood. Weekends are wild with a magical fut tower offering affordable beers. 100% smoked meats on site. 3-course tasting menu from $38. Inspired by the Prohibition era, the Blind Pig offers a festive atmosphere and American finger food.BBQ américain Montréal


5667 Rue Sherbrooke O., Montréal, H4A 1W6

View More (514) 369-6969

Located in Monkland Village, Bofinger BBQ Smokehouse has been an institution since 2007, offering an authentic American BBQ experience. Their meat is slowly smoked with maple wood for 24 hours, then topped with homemade sauces without additives. The menu offers a variety of smoked meats, poutines, and Mac & Cheese. Enjoy your meal while watching your favorite sports on their TVs or relaxing on the terrace in the summer.

BBQ américain à Montréal


520 Promenades Du Centropolis, Laval, H7T 2Z6

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Jack Flat BBQ, located in Centropolis, offers an authentic barbecue experience in a festive country atmosphere. Their custom-made smoker adds a unique texture and flavor to their meats, while their BBQ Country menu revives the nostalgia of days spent with family and friends. Under the direction of chef-owner Cédrick Vanier, each dish is carefully prepared, offering a memorable experience. The arcade adds a playful touch to this unique experience. A place where conviviality reigns, perfect for unleashing the cowboy in everyone.

BBQ américain à Montréal


Multiple locations

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Rubs BBQ Americain, located in Laval Ouest, Sainte-Rose, and Pierrefonds, offers the best American BBQ in the region. Their food truck is also present at summer festivals. Meat is smoked daily and marinated in their secret sauce. The festive atmosphere and drink specials add to the experience. Try their Texas onion blossom appetizer, a delight! Rubs Smokehouse offers authentic American BBQ dishes with a Quebecois twist. The most delicious meats are smoked with maple wood, offering a unique flavor. The menu includes pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken, St. Louis pork ribs, beef ribs, smoked salmon, and shrimp. The smoking process is almost always part of the cooking method. The sweet smell of maple wood is evidence that all their products are freshly smoked onsite every day.

BBQ américain à Montréal


15, rue de la Commune O, Montréal, H2Y 2C6

View More (514) 246-1680

John, an international barbecue champion, opened his first restaurant in the heart of Old Montreal, with a limited production approach. Inspired by Texas, his meat is slowly cooked over a wood fire, offering an authentic experience of Southwestern American barbecue. The dishes are carefully prepared, without artifice, showcasing the quality of the ingredients. The meats, slowly cooked over a wood fire for up to 14 hours, are served fresh and tasty until they run out.

BBQ américain à Montréal


4370 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, Quebec, Montréal, H4C 1R8

View More (514) 938-5333

SH Moonshine BBQ offers a unique barbecue experience, combining American and Canadian flavors. Their premium meats, sourced from local farms, are smoked for up to 16 hours with a blend of maple, cherry and hickory wood. Platters for several offer an ideal sharing option, accompanied by sides like mac and cheese and moonshine poutine. The family atmosphere and attention to meat quality make Moonshine a must for barbecue enthusiasts.BBQ américain à Montréal


17, rue Prince-Arthur E, Montréal, H2X 1B2

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Diablos BBQ offers an unparalleled experience with its extensive cocktail selection (over 120) and delicious smoked meats. The atmosphere is always warm, especially in summer on their superb terrace. With its decor reminiscent of a Texan saloon straight out of country movies, it's an absolute favorite for the team, especially its succulent ribs.


BBQ américain à Montréal


1886, rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, H3J 1M6

View More (514) 439-4555

Le Boucan Smokehouse BBQ has gained fame thanks to its appearances in several TV shows, and for good reason: their ribs, pulled pork, and poutine are simply divine. But it's also a warm, friendly, and family-friendly place. From the moment you arrive, you'll feel it, it's going to be good. Whether you've come for a local beer or a seasonal cocktail, indoors or on the terrace, you'll experience the perfect atmosphere to enjoy quality meat that's carefully prepared.

BBQ américain à Montréal


51, rue Roy E, Montréal, H2W 2S3

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Owner-chef Nick Hodge impressed the judges of Iron Chef during his appearance. A visit to Icehouse will convince you too. Despite its small size, the restaurant offers a warm atmosphere with its wooden walls and very welcoming staff. In addition to smoked dishes, you'll be surprised to see a bucket of fried chicken brought to your table. Go there with a voracious appetite, the portions are generous!

Photo Credits: theparttimecooks

BBQ américain à Montréal


1569, Route 138, Kahnawake, J6J 1S3

View More (450) 632-5050

Located in Kahnawake, Robbie's Smokehouse & Burger Bar is definitely worth a gourmet visit. On Sundays, don't miss their all-you-can-eat brunch buffet, featuring many of their smoked specialties. The ambiance skillfully blends country style with a modern atmosphere, offering comforting cuisine prepared entirely on-site.

BBQ américain à Montréal

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