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Resto Palme: A Tropical-Trendy Experience in Montreal

Resto Palme, located in the heart of The Village district, offers a revisited tropical cuisine. West Indies, South America, Africa... All the countries where you can find palm trees and colourful dishes, have come together here!


The young Montreal chef of Haitian origin, Ralph Alterte Desamours, has embarked on this adventure by fusing Creole classics with more sophisticated cuisine and adding a touch of multiculturalism.  This is Montreal!

If Caribbean recipes remain as the base, don't expect to find the typical sticky white rice or traditional dishes on your plate.  At Le Palme Restaurant, the menu arouses your curiosity with Sweet Potato Taco and Kim Chi Antillais, Seafood Mac and Cheese, Rasta Pâté or Avocado Ice Cream. Scented, hearty and unpretentious dishes.


Le Palme’s warm and soothing décor, designed by the chef’s companion Lee-Anne, will make you want to refresh your living room décor: large white walls, touches of wood, gold and powder pink, scattered photos and objects evoking Caribbean culture.  The pretty, tropical bar area makes us want to order a cocktail and set foot in the sand.  The former large garage door that opens onto Sainte Catherine Street bathes the room in a soft light. The subtle Caribbean-minimal-retro-trendy fusion wraps us in a gentle feeling of escape.


We decided to try the brunch that is offered the last Sunday of each month in the spring-summer. We are not the only ones aware of its return on the menu since the place filled up as we arrived. It seems that many regulars were looking forward to this! Although you will not have the complete menu, the selection of effective and no less tasty choices will satisfy your cravings for sweet, salty, spicy, earthy or seafood. Prices are affordable and the atmosphere is family friendly. A smiling and attentive waitress presents the dishes with the essential elements to make our choice.

Rocked by reggae music playing in the background and wanting to get the day off to a flying start, we accept the proposal of homemade Punch. Composed of mango-passion fruit-pineapple-orange-hibiscus and spices, the mixture is well balanced, fresh and sweet. A pineapple-shaped glass topped with a piece of watermelon: the tone is set.


I let myself be tempted by the Benedictine Egg on a crab cake: a crispy puck of crab, shrimps and scallops on which rests a perfectly poached egg, all surrounded by a seafood hollandaise sauce. The combination is perfect, the cake melts in the mouth and the egg and sauce bring a simple and tasty touch.


For the second course, we choose a classic North American cuisine: chicken waffle: two beautiful pieces of spicy and crispy fried chicken with soft waffles, served with a spicy maple sauce and salad. Simplicity, efficiency.


For a true brunch experience, I could not pass up the chocolate cake with a delicious tea from Montreal's Camellia Sinensis. The plate is generous, a beautiful piece of cake with whipped cream and fruit. If you are nursing a hangover, this dish is your best ally!


We are full and relaxed, a perfect Sunday morning feeling! Tender and warm like the city’s trendy little cafes, with the sunny and jovial vibe of the Caribbean, the Palme is a destination to add to your brunch rotation! Small bonus: from May to September St. Catherine Street becomes pedestrian, the Palme unfolds its terrace and hosts a DJ on Friday nights. Something to make you forget that you are in downtown Montreal!




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