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Restaurants Offering Online Ordering with Delivery and Takeout Options in Montreal

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Mar 16, 2020

Restaurants Offering Online Ordering with Delivery and Takeout Options in Montreal

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In an effort to prevent further spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), citizens in the province are asked to stay home and this, of course, will have a huge impact on the restaurant industry.  By suggesting that you order food online, you are staying home and enjoying your delicious meal and at the same time, you are helping and encouraging your favorite restaurant to stay afloat during these unprecedented and difficult times.

We've gathered below a list of some restaurants that remain open for online ordering, and if you scroll all the way down to the end of this article, we included a link to all the restaurants where you can order your food online in Montreal and the surroundings. 

For a list of all restaurants offering online ordering: 👉 CLICK HERE

Kwizinn Express

Forget everything that's going on right now and enjoy the delicious Caribbean cuisine that the Kwizinn Express is lovingly preparing for you. This take-out restaurant will make you discover exotic meals such as griot, plantain or even conch in sauce, that should at least comfort us a little. 


Grozepa is an urban pub that offers comfort food at a very affordable price. You will find a wide choice of dishes on their delivery menu. The mac and cheese, the fried pickles and the burgers are some of the most popular items on the menu. Tasty pasta dishes and pizzas are also available. 

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La Bêtise

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La Bêtise stands out with its creative and soothing comfort food. Their menu is made up of various tapas such as tartare, poutine or mac and cheese. The delivery menu offers a combo option, which includes fries or a salad as well as a drink, to accompany your meal. 


Atma is an Indian restaurant that offers authentic and unique cuisine. Order all your favorite dishes like the butter chicken, tandoori or tikka masala. Many vegetarian options are also available. 

La Belle Tonkinoise

La Belle Tonkinoise is the place to be if you are looking for comforting Asian cuisine. Mainly inspired by Vietnamese cuisine, you will find on the menu specialty dishes such as Tonkinese soups or decadent Asian poutines. We are in love with their "kimcheesy" poutine, which is made with a cheddar ramen sauce, kimchi, a sweet and sour sauce, and some popcorn chicken. To all the vegetarians out there, all their dishes are offered in a vegetarian version. 

For a list of all restaurants offering online ordering: 👉 Click here


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