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VILLEPlats de citrouille pour les montréalais qui aiment la citrouille
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Plats de citrouille pour les montréalais qui aiment la citrouille

25 oct., 2017
Plats de citrouille pour les montréalais qui aiment la citrouille


The autumn season is upon us which means the pumpkin spice fanfare has begun. From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin spice-scented air-fresheners, it’s absolutely everywhere. However, once winter descends on our fair city, the pumpkin spice craze will end, but fear not, pumpkin lovers. There are many Montreal restaurants serving up pumpkin dishes—from sweet and savory—to keep you happy until next fall.


Kinka Izakaya

With several locations around the world, Kinka Izakaya offers their customers a variety of Japanese and Korean dishes from their salmon tataki to bibimbap, but its their kaboucha korokke that has pumpkin fans jumping for joy. A vegetarian croquette made of pumpkin with a hard-boiled egg in the center, the deep-fried appetizer makes for the perfect first course.


Sophie Sucrée

A vegan bakery with plenty of gluten-free and organic options, Sophie Sucrée is serving up a vegan pumpkin crème brulée that has everyone talking. You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy this dessert and trust me when I say you won’t be able to tell the difference between this crème brulée and its dairy-filled counterpart.


Cuisine Caraïbe Delite

Serving up West Indian heat on Parc Avenue is Cuisine Caraïbe Delite, a Guyanese family-owned restaurant known for their jerk chicken and roti. You can’t go wrong with either their shrimp or goat roti with pumpkin or their vegetarian option of pumpkin, potato and lentil roti. However, be careful when applying their homemade hot sauce because it’s the real, West Indian deal.




Looking to mix your love of pumpkin with your love of carbs? Head over to L’Orignal where they have a delicious pumpkin risotto with truffle shavings. It won’t be easy to pass on their many carnivorous dishes, but once you try this risotto you’ll be happy you did.




As one of the only Burmese restaurants in the city, Dagon is in a delicious league of its own. Burmese cuisine is known to borrow inspirations from their Thai, Laotian, Indian, Chinese and Bangladeshi neighbors to create a flavor that is unique and scrumptious. Pumpkin aficionados should start their Dagon dining experience with a pumpkin and lemongrass soup before diving into their shrimp and pumpkin curry with coriander.


Dolcetto & Co.

During Montréal à Table, a two-week event that sees restaurants around the island create a special three-course menu, a handful of restaurants have decided to make pumpkin desserts for their patrons. From November 2nd to the 16th, Dolcetto & Co. have put together a three-course menu that ends with a pumpkin panna cotta. What mere mortal could pass that up?


XO Restaurant

Have you ever eaten a pumpkin dessert in a historical landmark? The XO restaurant in the St-James Hotel was originally a merchant bank back in 1870. High ceilings with intricate detail and an antique vault by the restrooms, there is no better place to be with you eat your deconstructed pumpkin pie with citrus sable and brown butter ice-cream.


Salumi Vin

Located in the Old Port, Salumi Vino is an Italian restaurant known for their pasta and pizza dishes. Aside from their killer gnocchi, it’s their vegetarian ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and topped with a creamy asparagus sauce that will have you asking for seconds.





Le Jardin du Cari

Rotis with pumpkin are too good to pass up especially when it’s from Le Jardin du Cari. A Caribbean hotspot in the Mile-End, this little gem is the slice of paradise that we all need in our lives. Check out their goat roti with pumpkin and add their homemade pumpkin hot sauce for that spicy kick.


Chez Chose

Chez Chose will be taking part in Montréal à Table with a delicious three-course menu. Highlighting seasonal ingredients from local vendors, the Villeray establishment is going to make a pumpkin version of their chocolate pot dessert from November 2 to 16. Layering pumpkin cream with chocolate and spices, this little treasure pot will be the best way to end a meal.




Chez Ma Grosse Truie Chérie

Chez Ma Grosse Truie Chérie is known for taking Quebecois ingredients and transforming them into delicious, yet pretty dishes that are far from being pretentious. During Montréal à Table, the iconic red restaurant with the giant pig on its storefront will be serving up tourtière du Lac-Saint-Jean and boar ragout with a final course that will surely send anyone into a food coma—an unstructured pumpkin pie. Made with roasted local pumpkins, this modern version includes pumpkin-flavored meringue, pumpkin seeds topped with smoked salt and crumble


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