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Õréa: Chef Jeremy Passat's New Restaurant

Feb 27, 2019

Õréa: Chef Jeremy Passat's New Restaurant

Õréa restaurant took over the spot where Les 400 Coups used to be last November.  Located on the corner of Notre-Dame and Bonsecours streets this sumptuous restaurant offers unpretentious gourmet cuisine and pleasant evenings

Former owner and chef at La Kitchenette, Jeremy Passat comes to us with this new restaurant offering a market cuisine inspired by his homeland in Europe. As Jeremy says, the greatest thing that has been passed on to him in his life is the passion for good things and good food, which he successfully passes on to us through his cooking.

The staff was very welcoming, friendly and professional from the moment we entered the restaurant. They took our coats and guided us at our table. We sat in large tan leather armchairs, that are very comfortable especially if you plan to spend a long night at the restaurant eating and chatting. The dining room is spacious with very large windows and high ceilings that allow a pleasant natural light to enter the restaurant during the day. Jeremy mentioned that he might want to build a mezzanine to provide more seating. They kept it very simple decoration wise, without any unnecessary details, we particularly appreciate the antique look of some furniture in the dining room, including the piano and the cabinet.


Open both day and evening, Õréa offers an "à la carte" menu that is fairly short and a very affordable table d'hôte. The bistro vibe during the day turns into something more gourmet and fancy at night. The plating is meticulous and neat, which results in plates that are as pretty as they are good.

ÕRÉA also offers a fine selection of wine and a cocktail list that includes items such as the Moscow Mule and Pineapple Martini. 

We started the meal with a small "mise en bouche", served in an elegant and pretty hollow bowl. There was a small arancini, perfect to devour in one bite, and a homemade tomato sauce. Our waiter also took care to serve us fresh bread, we had the luxury of choosing which one we wanted, we chose the olive one and it was an excellent choice. To make this piece of bread even more interesting, three spreads were presented to us: a white butter flavoured with truffle oil, its delicacy was very pleasant. A paprika butter, with a slight smoky taste, and an olive tapenade, because there are never too many olives. We really appreciated this little attention of being able to choose our bread and not just have a piece of "ordinary" butter to go with it.


Regarding the choice of appetizers, we decided to trust our waiter’s recommendations.  So, we ordered the soft-boiled egg and the trout gravlax. Apparently, the soft-boiled egg and the well-kept secret technique used to create it is a well-known specialty of Jeremy.  The egg was placed on a bed of fried leeks, reminiscent of a bird's nest, and a mixture of juicy and very savory spinach an leeks at the bottom.


The trout gravlax was beautifully presented on a plate, a bit like an abstract painting. The pieces of gravlax were soft and had a slightly sweet taste, the wasabi mayonnaise was just spicy enough, green peas for colour and because it's good to eat greens right? And to finish pieces of grilled crunchy corn. The corn brings a perfect little crunch that gives texture to the dish. This plate was as pretty as it was delicious!


We had a hard time choosing the main dishes, because according to their description each dish was absolutely delicious. Since we obviously could not try all the dishes, we opted for the braised beef cheek and the candied salmon steak.

The beef was simply presented in a deep plate so that the piece of meat could be placed in its juicy cooking sauce, which could have been eaten with a spoon because it was sooooo tasty. The chunk of beef was generous enough. It was by far one of the most tender pieces of meat I have had the chance to taste. Thanks to the slow cooking method they use, it takes 5 hours of cooking for it to get to this texture and perfect tenderness. We were also served crunchy carrots, and an oven baked french shallot that was just as tender as the beef. This simple plate was definitely a success!


After receiving a brief explanation on the very intriguing cooking technique of the salmon, our waiter had piqued our curiosity and we could not help but choose this dish. This candied salmon steak was served with carrots and parsnips, roasted leek and a crispy olive polenta. The texture of the salmon was quite surprising, it felt like the fish was almost raw, but it was cooked to perfection. It is rather difficult to further explain how it melts in your mouth and breaks apart with a fork, you will have to try it to understand! We would have liked it if the piece of polenta was bigger, because it was delicious and we had barely a bite to savor it.


We finished the meal with two small desserts: a chocolate fondant and an apple pastry. The chocolate cake was still hot when they served it, we appreciated its real cocoa taste as well as the almonds that added a bit of texture. 


The apple pastry was rather comforting, the dough had a pleasant butter taste and the warm apples recalled the flavors of a homemade apple pie.


Thanks to the Õréa team for their warm welcome, their delectable cuisine and the pleasant evening we spent in their establishment. Book your next night out now and enjoy an unpretentious culinary experience, and let yourself be charmed by Chef Jeremy's passionate cuisine!



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