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Nourri au Beurre - A Friendly and Creative Restaurant | RestoMontreal

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Nourri au Beurre - A Friendly and Creative Restaurant


Nourri au Beurre - A Friendly and Creative Restaurant

By Kassandra Brochu

Jan 12, 2018

Nourri au Beurre

Nourri au Beurre

1052, rue Lionel-Daunais

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Our local products are used in countless ways in today's modern kitchen; it is also a great way to put forward the magnificent resources that we have available here. Some restaurateurs place great importance on this type of product and what follows from it is quite satisfying and catchy.

Nourri au Beurre, which has recently opened in a charming neighbourhood in Boucherville, is the perfect example of that kind of successful seasonal cuisine. The young and passionate chef and owner of the establishment, David Godin-Pelletier, plunges us into his creative world.

Upon our arrival, we received an incredibly warm welcome from one of the waiters who was there. Although the restaurant is quite small, it is possible to sit around 50 people very comfortably. At the edge of the window, a large round table attracted our attention. Perfect for groups of 8 or less, its massive structure brings a slightly rustic touch to the dining room. The fully open kitchen makes you want to sit at the bar to observe the meticulous work of the cooks.


The menu consists of a dozen items including appetizers and dishes. We loved the style of the dishes, they were purchased at a shop called Gaïa located in Montreal, the ceramic plates match perfectly with the originality of the plating. We started the meal with a clam chowder and a plate of octopus « confit ». Ideal for cold winter evenings, the clam chowder is a pure enjoyment from the first bite. Its creamy and unctuous texture is so comforting!


The octopus plate was absolutely beautiful; we just starred at it for a while and didn’t want to touch it! The amalgamation of texture, color and taste was breathtaking. There was strawberries, « faux-mage » (fake cheese usually made from nuts), pine nuts and fennel. The way the octopus was cooked paired perfectly with the rest of the ingredients.


Our third course has gained a special place in our heart; the carbonara stuffed ravioli. If you are a mushroom lover too, this delicious dish will make you as happy as I was. The homemade pastas were perfect and the egg yolk purée added a really creamy touch, which blended perfectly with the braised shiitakes, trust me, you will ask for more!


We finished the meal with a wonderful seafood plate of calamari and pan-fried prawns, all served on a tasty cod and chorizo brandade. Having a similar texture as mashed potatoes, the brandade was simply exquisite and so comforting. The saffron shrimp bisque that was used as a sauce at the bottom of the plate brought all the flavours together.


Despite the fact that we were fulfilled, having dessert was a really good idea. The "pear and honey" dessert, as slightly described on the menu, could look like a lemon pie by looking at the presentation and the texture. Crunchy, melting, mellow, but light, this dessert finished the meal perfectly. For meringue lovers, the one served on the tart was probably the best one I’ve ever tasted.

We were charmed by the way David receives us in his restaurant, as if it were his own house. It is inspiring to witness the passion that a chef has for cooking, and also having the chance to meet him in the dining room as a customer. Nourri au Beurre is definitely a must in the South Shore. For the night owls, it is possible to enjoy their delicious menu until 2am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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