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India Rosa: A Super Trendy Indian Restaurant in Plateau Mont-Royal

You are probably familiar with Sandhu restaurant, which has been serving authentic Indian cuisine on the Plateau Mont-Royal for over 30 years now. The success of this restaurant comes from the devotion, the passion and the hard work of an inspiring family; Amjer Sandhu and his two sons are the perfect team when it comes to running their restaurants. As their institutions have been successful for several years already, they decided to launch a new project that does not go unnoticed. India Rosa recently opened in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal and is already gaining popularity.


Although India Rosa offers Indian cuisine, it is in a very different type of Indian restaurant that you will be received. As soon as we arrived, we noticed the cute terrace at the front of the restaurant which was already busy and the atmosphere was in full swing. We decided to sit inside to enjoy the beautiful scenery and considering that the restaurant is fully glazed in the front, it is still possible to enjoy the outdoors and the nice weather even if you are inside.


Despite the fact that it was really busy when we got there, we received a courteous and warm welcome, our waiter was clearly passionate about his job. By working with the Sandhu family for several years, he has been able to share his in-depth knowledge of Indian cuisine and advised us on the different options that the menu offers. We also followed his advice for some of his favourites and we were not disappointed at all.


We quickly understood why people are talking about the decor at India Rosa. It is a very trendy and up to date and the atmosphere is warm and charming. The beautiful tile that has been chosen to decorate the floor particularly charmed us as well as the two seats that allow you to eat on large swings looking like a hanging cage. A beautiful oval wooden table is located almost directly at the entrance of the restaurant, allowing a group to sit there with a good meal and enjoy the evening.


The bar is very well located in the space and the shelves where the spirit bottles are in the back of the bar are very pretty and catchy. Different kind of lightning is used to create several moods in the room. Wooden walls, beamed ceilings, hanging crystals, colourful cushions and exotic plants complete the decor.


A very creative cocktail menu, prepared by Fidel M. Vasquez, the mixologist of the place, is available. You will find reinvented classic cocktails and other concoctions from his imagination. The cocktail menu is divided into four categories: Old Fashioned, High Ball, "Coupette", and Tikki. We were able to taste the Indian Summer, made among others with yellow Chartreuse and gin, as well as the Moksha, also made with gin and also vermouth rosso. Even if you are usually not a cocktail lover, we strongly advise you to try at least one, they all look very refreshing and delicious.


Let's talk about food now!

We decided to share all the starters and main plates so that we could taste several options available on the menu. Our choices stopped on Bahji Onions, Malai Shrimps and Lamb Sheek Kebab to start. For the mains, we opted for the traditional Butter Chicken and Saag Paneer.

Bahji onions are served in a fairly traditional way, which means fried, which gives them a crispy side. A sauce with a slight sweet taste comes to balance the spicy seasoning with which they are prepared.


As for the Malai Shrimp, we are very grateful to our waiter for recommending them, as this was by far our biggest favourite of the evening. Not only were they very tasty and very meaty, but also the creamy cardamom and cashew sauce in which they were marinated was simply delectable.


According to another suggestion from our waiter, we opted for the Lamb Sheek Kebab as the last appetizer. Comparable to a sausage, the Sheek Kebab is actually a grilled lamb skewered. Its taste being quite spicy, a sauce with slight notes of mint perfectly accompanied the spices that made up the skewer. Our selection of appetizers started the meal very well, having more appetite; we would have loved to try the famous samosas that seemed very popular.

For the main courses, we could not help but stop our choices on classic Indian dishes, and we were not disappointed! The Butter Chicken was creamy and perfectly enhanced, it is clear that the dish stewed for a long time to bring out the most flavours of the spices and the chicken. We would have definitely eaten the sauce with a spoon.


The Saag Paneer was also very authentic to the original recipe, made from spinach, black mustard leaves and an Indian cheese all enhanced with various spices. These two dishes were amazing together accompanied with naan bread and basmati rice.


Our experience at India Rosa was very pleasant, the cocktails were delicious, the food authentic and tasty, the service that we received was professional and courteous and the pleasant atmosphere made sure that we did not see the evening pass. Try India Rosa with your friends for an evening filled with flavours and colors!




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