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Gypsy: A Bali Touch in Montreal

Known for several years, it is within this same room that the Rachel Rachel has made many dance and party in the past. This place located at the corner of Rachel and Berri streets contains precious memories, but the time had come to give way to a new place that doesn't go unnoticed.
Gypsy was first established in the beautiful village of Canggu in Bali in 2016. After their massive success in Indonesia, the owner Kevin Latrem decided to bring the warmth of the Gypsy to Montreal.

The room is rather spacious which allows for several spaces with different atmospheres that are suitable for different people and can be adapted to the different reasons for their visits. Whether for a coffee while reading, working, studying, or eating with friends, the environment allows everyone to find comfort. The decor is quite warm, and a beautiful natural light enters the restaurant during the day, thanks to the glass facades of the restaurant.

Behind the reception desk at the entrance and the bar area which eventually becomes the kitchen, a pretty concrete wall with recessed storage spaces gives an industrial touch to the place without making it lose its warmth. Rattan lights, colorful floral wallpaper and plenty of plants definitely make us forget about winter while we're there!

The Gypsy is open during the day and in the evening: the menu varies depending on the time of day. During the day they offer mostly a brunch style menu including smoothie bowls, sandwiches, toast, pancakes and other morning delights.  A different atmosphere awaits you in the evening and you can enjoy salads, pasta, fish and several vegetarian options. You'll trade your coffee for a cocktail and the atmosphere becomes more festive.

Being brunch lovers, we decided to visit during the day and enjoy the more soothing atmosphere. We started with delicious lattes and fresh pressed juices. The "cleanse" juice was a classic green juice, made of apple, spinach, kale, lemon, parsley and cucumber. Perfectly refreshing with a good dose of vitamins!

We tried to vary our choices as much as possible to taste the variety offered on the menu. We tried the "Avo on Toast", the Gypsy casserole, the pear and ricotta toast and the berry pancakes. We could not help but order extra potatoes to complete our lunch, and we did not regret it.


The "Avo on Toast" is as the name says avocado on toast. This dish has been popular lately as a breakfast or lunch option for its freshness and for the flavors that compose it according to the way the restaurant in question serves it. The one served at the Gypsy, had a special something that we really liked. In addition to the generous toasted bread, the perfectly ripe avocado and the soft-boiled egg, pieces of grapefruit supreme as well as candied tomatoes garnished the slice of bread. To make it even more flavourful, pine nuts sprinkled the dish.


The Gypsy casserole was a generous serving of vegetables and eggs, served in a kind of small cast iron pan so as to keep the dish hot and also because it's a very cute way of serving a dish isn't it? Eggs, mushrooms, potatoes and chorizo ​​sausage were in the casserole. Perfect for bigger appetites, this option is plentiful.

Then, the pear and ricotta cheese toast was personally my favorite dish. A thick slice of tasty bread, large pieces of pear, homemade lemon ricotta and roasted pecans. This dish represented the perfect blend of sweet and savory. The pears were flavoured with ginger and tarragon, enhancing the flavors perfectly. The homemade ricotta was tasty and creamy and the crispy pecans made everything perfect.


Let's finish with the sweet touch, the Gypsy French toast. A perfect French toast, fresh berries, a chocolate and mascarpone cream and a pretzel crumble what else can you ask for? As you can see in the photo, the portion was quite generous and the chocolate and mascarpone cream was absolutely exquisite!


At the end of our meal, we were full and happy, it would have been impossible to ingest anything else. Every dish is very generous and everything is succulent. We would gladly return to try what they offer on their evening menu. If you are in the area, whatever the time of day, do not hesitate to visit the Gypsy, you will have a good time, that's for sure!



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