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Article: From Farm to Table: the Sustainable Philosophy of Maison de Soma

From Farm to Table: the Sustainable Philosophy of Maison de Soma

Celebrate summer with a country-style buvette and a discovery menu designed for sharing and discovery.

By updated: May 08, 2024
From Farm to Table: the Sustainable Philosophy of Maison de Soma


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A Breath of Fresh Air at Maison de Soma

In the heart of the Laurentians, Maison de Soma continues to charm culinary enthusiasts, less than a year after its opening.

This hidden gem is now competing for the Gourmet Tourism Award at the Lauriers de la Gastronomie Québécoise, reinventing the concept of a country meal with its unique approach centered on farm-fresh products.

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In our recent interview with Didier Lortie, one of the two owners of Maison de Soma, he shared his vision and the new features for the summer season of 2024.

An Idyllic Setting for a Seasonal Table

Situated on a vast 600-acre land, Maison de Soma offers more than just a meal: it is an immersion into the authenticity of the Québécois terroir. Maison de Soma

Visitors can enjoy dishes made with fresh ingredients, grown on-site, or handpicked from surrounding forests.

Didier emphasizes the importance of this connection with nature, which extends beyond the kitchen to the entire experience on the premises.

Maison de Soma's 2024 Summer Buvette: More Than Just an Outdoor Meal

This season, Maison de Soma has elevated the buvette experience to a whole new level. For the inauguration of the 2024 edition on May 25, the buvette does more than offer outdoor dining; it becomes a true hub of life.

Open from Wednesday to Sunday, this buvette promises unforgettable moments of conviviality against the picturesque backdrop of the Laurentian mountains. On Wednesdays and Sundays, the kitchen remains open until 7 PM, while on other days, it closes at 5 PM.

Maison de Soma

With the addition of an outdoor bar, guests can sip drinks prepared with homemade syrups made from plants and herbs from the garden, while admiring the sunset, making evenings from Wednesdays to Sundays truly magical.

New products also include "adult slushes", and iced alcoholic cocktails with a festive and original touch.


Maison de Soma

Photo Credit: @sarah_jane_d

The collaboration with Boulangerie Jolifeu has resulted in special breads designed to accompany an innovative range of sandwiches, including those to be served with keftas, for example. The menu, which changes every 2-3 weeks, features garden vegetables, fresh soups, gourmet sandwiches, and grilled meats cooked on a plancha in a wood-fired oven.

Maison de Soma

Photo Credit: @maudepb

The Tasting Menu: A Symphony of Flavors

The tasting menu, available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, is more than a meal; it is a celebration of time, patience, and artisanal skill.

Each dish is a deep exploration of the unique flavors of the terroir, highlighting techniques such as fermentation and maturation.

Among the offerings, you can enjoy a Pidan egg accompanied by homemade chili oil and sourdough bread powder, followed by a smoked hay beer-battered fish beignet marinated in maple syrup and flower vinegar, served with soy milk mayonnaise. A highlight is the bison tartare enhanced with bison jerky, paired with raw oyster mushroom cream, grilled oyster mushrooms, and balsam fir gel, showcasing the restaurant's commitment to rich textures and deep flavors.

Maison de Soma

This ever-changing menu offers a reason to return again and again, each time discovering a new facet of Maison de Soma's creativity.

Maison de Soma

By offering vegetarian options on prior request, the establishment ensures that all visitors can enjoy a meal suited to this diet. For any other specific requests or allergies, it is crucial to contact the restaurant in advance to check the possibility of adjustments.

A Strong Commitment to Sustainability and Quality

In all its activities, Maison de Soma remains committed to sustainability. The containers used are fully compostable, reducing the environmental impact of the service. Maison de Soma

Additionally, the on-site shop allows visitors to take a piece of Soma's spirit home with them, offering transformed products like marinades and syrups, all sourced from forest foraging and gardening.

An Invitation to Experience Maison de Soma: A Promising Summer Ahead

With the captivating return of the improved buvette and the summer discovery menu, Maison de Soma is ready to offer an unforgettable summer.

Guests are invited to explore these new offerings while enjoying the natural beauty and tranquility of the Laurentians.

Maison de Soma

The reputation of this exceptional table is just beginning, promising many moments of delight and discovery.

At Maison de Soma, each visit is a new culinary adventure, a celebration of the earth and its treasures.

Other Photo Credits: @caaaath



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