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CITYArticle: Club Pelicano: Cocktails and Funky Wines in Downtown Montreal

Club Pelicano: Cocktails and Funky Wines in Downtown Montreal

By Mar 11, 2019
Club Pelicano: Cocktails and Funky Wines in Downtown Montreal

If you are looking for a trendy new spot for a drink and a bite to eat, then we have what you need!

Located in the basement of Tiradito, an amazing Peruvian restaurant worth visiting downtown, Club Pelicano won’t leave you indifferent, that is for sure!

When you enter the building on Bleury Street, follow the neon sign prompting you to go down to the basement, here you will find a very charming bar where a chill and animated vibe awaits you. The place stands out with its décor that resembles a pool. Let me explain: their goal was to create the look of an abandoned pool, as if the bar had been laid out in what could have once been a large pool. The beautiful green ceramic on the floor complements this idea perfectly! Some other elements are related to this concept, but we’ll keep you in suspense and leave the element of surprise for your first visit.

In addition to this quirky and original idea, the decor is a little kitsch and we love it! They used colors such as pink and pale yellow and vintage looks elements, such as the lighting fixtures for example. The atmosphere is perfect for a 5 à 7 or should I say a 5 till late! The staff is very welcoming and we felt taken care of as soon as we got there, the waiters and the bartenders will answer all your questions and will give you some great recommendations to make your evening even more enjoyable.

Club Pelicano is more of a cocktail bar than a restaurant, but they offer a menu of delicious snacks straight from the Tiradito kitchen. Cocktail wise, you can order both classics and very creative recipes of their own. A part of the menu is also dedicated to so-called eco cocktails, which are made from products that would normally have been thrown away or wasted. Very nice idea that they should be proud of! Among other things, we tried the Carambolesque cocktail, made with mezcal and as the name implies, carambola.

For those who prefer to opt for a glass of wine, an impressive list is at your disposal, which includes a wide selection of very interesting natural wines. We opt for a natural wine from Greece, which did not disappoint us. Moreover, the wine list changes regularly so that regular customers always have new options to try.

There are about ten items that you can try on the food menu. We tried a few, following the advice of our waiter. First, the avocado causa and the black pudding empanadas. The avocado causa consists of coarsely mashed avocados on a layer of Peruvian mashed potatoes, accompanied by a maple emulsion and sweet potato chips to add a little bit of crispness. A perfectly balanced, tasty appetizer, in which textures and aromas are mixed. The Peruvian potatoes were so tasty, we could eat them without any other accompaniments. The empanadas are classic in appearance, but it is rather rare that black pudding is used to fill empanadas. We are very happy that they had this idea because the result is impeccable. The pudding is creamy and tasty and the empanada dough perfectly prepared.

We then decided to have the yuca fries (a root vegetable that is very popular in the Latin American culture also called cassava), because after we saw them being brought to another table it was impossible to resist. Generous, crispy and succulent, that is how we describe these fries. In our opinion sliders and fries are the perfect combo, that's why we tried the lobster sliders and the fried grouper fish sliders.

The lobster one tastes like an excellent lobster roll, and the grouper fish one offered a generous portion of finely battered fish, accompanied by cabbage and other pickled vegetables. 

We had a great time at Club Pelicano, thanks to the people who work there. The cocktails were also very good and the food paired perfectly with the drinks. If you are looking for a place to go in downtown Montreal, this place is definitely a must, you will not regret your visit!



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