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Chiki Churros is Available in Over 6 Locations!

A creative business model in and around Montreal!

Jul 09, 2021
Chiki Churros is Available in Over 6 Locations!

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The Chiki Churros story all started with the pandemic last year... This shows how projects can be born at a time when the restaurant industry is at its lowest point!

Louka Strongylos is, among others, the owner of the Dallas Bar et Bouffe restaurant in Laval. Seeing that the lockdown was going to continue and that business was going to decline, he quickly began looking at his options.

Mr. Strongylos is committed to his team and wanted to keep them motivated with a new project. He figured that everyone loves desserts and thought specifically about churros.

Chiki Churros est accessible dans plus de 6 succursales!

He tried several recipes and did a market study to find out what was available in and around Montreal. The objective of this study was to find out where the best churros could be found and in what time frame they could be purchased. The conclusion? Few companies specialize in this type of dessert and 7 days a week delivery is not always available.

That's when Chiki Churros was born! Everything is made fresh in the Dallas kitchen by the same team! The response from customers was very positive and it created a buzz that helped the business during the pandemic. 

Chiki Churros est accessible dans plus de 6 succursales!

Rain or shine, you can order a milkshake, a slush, a sparkling granita, an iced coffee or an ice cream sundae, and much more from the various delivery partners they work with! It's super refreshing, especially when paired with a delicious churro!

Let's get to the heart of the matter: the famous churros. 

Presently on the menu, we find poutines where the traditional fries are replaced by churros. There is a sweet version with caramel, chocolate, marshmallows, and an option of Smarties, Skor, or Kit Kat. You like sweet and salty? Go for the salty poutine (brown gravy and cheese curds) or with bacon (bacon and choice of chocolate or caramel). 

Chiki Churros est accessible dans plus de 6 succursales!

If you're in the mood to try something different, go for the CHOGOS. The hot dog is wrapped in churros. Yes, you read that right, they made their own version of a pogo! All you have to do is choose how you want to enjoy it: plain, sugar and cinnamon, sugar and cinnamon with chocolate and caramel, or the salty version with chili cheese. 

Chiki Churros est accessible dans plus de 6 succursales!

Homemade chili lovers can also order a basket of 2, 6, or 12 salty churro stix while sweet lovers can go with a choice of sauces from chocolate, caramel, and dulce de leche. 

In recent months, the Chiki Churros group has expanded by offering the possibility of ordering from Grand Burger branches as "ghost kitchens". There are now 6 Chiki Churros which are located in Chomedey, Laval-des-Rapides, Brossard, Villeray, Verdun and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. And we have a feeling that this is just the beginning for them.

Chiki Churros est accessible dans plus de 6 succursales!

In addition, a "flagship" project, the first physical store 100% churros, is in the works and the ownership would be divided among the employees who helped start this business from the beginning! What a great way to stimulate and thank their staff!

Their objective has been achieved: to find a way to keep all its staff, continue to evolve in a difficult time all while making churros accessible to the four corners of Montreal! 

We also recommend that you follow the evolution of their second concept: Chiki Wings which focuses on chicken wings, fried chicken, and grilled chicken!

Chiki Churros est accessible dans plus de 6 succursales!

Finally, we applaud the creativity and success of this company. Feel free to follow their social media networks to learn even more about their evolution.

You can check out Chiki Churros' accounts on Chiki Churros on Facebook, Instagram, and their website.

Chiki Churros est accessible dans plus de 6 succursales!

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