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CITYArticle: Best Tonkinese and Pho Soups in Montreal

Best Tonkinese and Pho Soups in Montreal

Delicious and comforting soups!

By updated: Mar 04, 2022
Best Tonkinese and Pho Soups in Montreal
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Tonkinese soups are now very popular. With their tasty broths and the comfort they provide, it's easy to understand why they are so popular. Here is a little topo that you can refer to when you are looking for the perfect spot for a delicious soup!


Pho Bang New York

This classic Chinatown restaurant has amazed many since its opening, we immediately note the traffic when we pass in front of the establishment. The grilled chicken tonkinese soup from Pho Bang New York will knock you to the ground. With its noisy "cantine" style atmosphere, we stop to feast on very inexpensive and tasty soups.


Le Petit Sao

This little gem is located in Nun's Island. Residents of Southwestern Montreal who enjoyed their booth at the Atwater Market will tell you how delicious their dishes are. By opening Le Petit Sao, the owners mainly wanted to emphasize the freshness of the products they use. Their street food vibe, allows us to discover a simple but succulent menu. It is also interesting to learn that 100% vegetarian broths are also available.



Le Red Tiger

This Vietnamese restaurant and pub in the village offers an accessible menu in a relaxed and trendy atmosphere. Even if the spotlight is not necessarily on Tonkinese soups, the various Vietnamese kind of soups, which are offered on the menu, are worth the visit. The Red Tiger also stands out for its delectable Asian-inspired creative cocktails, it's definitely the perfect place for your next dinner night with friends.


Pho Khanh Hoa

Pho Khanh Hoa's menu is filled with succulent options to feast your belly. This Jean-Talon street bring your own wine restaurant offers an impressive range of choices of all kinds. Soup lovers will be delighted just as much as fried rice and grilled meat lovers. Do not hesitate to order takeout so you can enjoy these Asian flavors at home.



Pho Zui Zui

The authentic flavors of Vietnam will fill your plate when you'll visit Pho Zui Zui. You'll enjoy a friendly and courteous service during your visit in addition to the soups offered. You would not be disappointed to learn that Tonkinese soup is by far their biggest specialty. We advise meat lovers and culinary adventurers to try the all-dressed soup, consisting of rare beef, boiled beef, flank, tendon and tripe.





It is in a more family atmosphere that the Lyla receives you with about twenty choices of soups all more enticing than the other. If you're like me, and unconditionally love mushrooms, you'll love their tasty lemongrass and mushroom soup. Ideal for your dinners, this restaurant also offers succulent dishes of rice noodles and crispy noodles.

restautrant lyla pho soup


Pho Lien

According to some connoisseurs of Tonkinese, the soups at Pho Lien would be unbeatable. Offering affordable quality cuisine, this restaurant aims for you to eat fast, but well. Be patient, you may have to queue, but you will forget all your worries once you have your spoon in hand and your bowl in front of you!




Tran Cantine Vietnamienne

Established in the Saint-Henri district, Tran Cantine Vietnamienne brings a breath of fresh air with its cute and trendy location. If you live in this part of Montreal, you will probably have noticed that there is not a wide range of options when you crave this type of cuisine. To accompany your soup, I highly recommend the tasty banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) that are also offered on the menu.


Pho Mont-Royal

This charming little place on Avenue Mont-Royal is well known for its variety of broths available. If you live in this neighborhood, you will surely be unable to live without their soups. The table d'hôte offered allows you to try other carefully prepared dishes such as red curry chicken and coconut milk. To accompany your meal, why not order a bubble tea!


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