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Best Spots to Eat Late at Night in Montreal

Restaurants for your late night cravings

Best Spots to Eat Late at Night in Montreal

10 Restaurants mentioned

Whether it is because you just finished working, or you went out late from a bar or simply because your refrigerator is empty and a food craving hits you, just read on because the following article suggests you a list of restaurants where you can eat late at night.


For over 30 years, Joe's Panini has served you more than 25 kinds of panini at any time of the day or night to satisfy your cravings. Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, this place is known from many Montrealers who know that they can always count on Joe to satisfy an irresistible hunger for a panini. In addition to being tasty, their paninis are affordable, and the service is very fast



The Foiegwa has enjoyed great popularity since its opening. This Americanized French dinner offers a decadent quality menu. Their menu is made up of classic French dishes mixed with very well executed snack bar style food. Try their cheeseburger with an extra foie gras, the truffle spaghetti, the beef tartare or even onion soup. Also, their wine list will delight you. Have a good time in the enticing atmosphere of the Foiegwa until 2 am on Friday and Saturday.


Taza Flores welcomes you in its warm atmosphere since 2004 to share with you Moroccan and Spanish inspired cuisine. It's a restaurant where you'll drink good cocktails and eat tapas-style snacks, ideal for sharing, in a comforting atmosphere. The colorful plates will please your eyes as much as your mouth. The kitchen is open until 2 am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


Established on the Plateau Mont-Royal for a few years now, the Chien Fumant is well known as much from people as artists and people from the Quebec showbiz. Chef Maksim Morin shares his passion for audacious dishes and market cuisine inspired by international flavors. If the Chien Fumant becomes one of your favorite spots, don't worry, because their menu changes regularly, so it will be impossible for you to get bored by it! The kitchen remains open until 2 am every day.


It was imperative to add L'Express to this list. If we talk about restaurants that stay open late, the one that you'll hear about the most often is undoubtedly this establishment which is now part of the Montreal institutions regarding restaurants. Its very classic French pub-style cuisine will surely please you, feast on tartare, croque-monsieur, veal liver, blood sausage, rillettes and other classics executed to perfection. Their wine cellar containing more than 11,000 bottles promises to offer you the best wine/customer pairing, as they say so well. Enjoy a meal at L'Express every day until 2 am. 


This family business opened its doors in 1968 and even today in 2020 we can say that La Banquise is a prime place to eat our famous poutine. Open 24 hours to allow anyone, at any time, to fill their belly with this decadent fries' dish. Be patient, however, as there is often a long queue, but we promise it will be worth it. On the menu, you will find traditional poutine as well as more classic ones like Italian poutine or galvaude. For the more audacious, there are more than 30 choices of poutines of all kinds. Meat lovers will love the T-Rex, those who would eat avocados with everything will undoubtedly opt for the taquise or the reggae


If we could have a bias, Le Majestique would probably be ranked very high in the list of trendy places in Montreal. Whether it's from a girl's night, a chill dinner, a birthday party or a date, this is the place for you. Not only the food and drinks are always beyond expectations, but the atmosphere is unlike anywhere else. Oysters are available at low prices, as well as an incredibly delicious shrimp roll, and organic and natural wines are on a regularly changing menu until 2 am every day. 


This small restaurant-bar specializing in products derived from agave, including mezcal, welcomes you to make you discover Mexico, in Montreal, for an affordable price. You will find on the menu authentic street food style Mexican dishes, which will allow you to discover real flavors and not Americanized versions of this unique food. The Mezcaleros welcome you until 1 am on Wednesday and Thursday, and until 3 am on Friday and Saturday.


The Pullman is one of the first wine bars that has opened in Montreal. There you will find a wine list with over 500 choices of bottles, which 50 of them are offered by the glass. Very rare are the places where there is such a large selection of wines by the glass, there is a reason why they claim to be a place dedicated to the pleasure of wine. In addition to all the good drink options, unpretentious dishes are served in sophisticated, but eccentric decor. The kitchen remains open until 1 am from Thursday to Sunday.


Miss Wong is located on the premises of what was formerly the legendary Moomba in Laval. For those who knew the place, you will have guessed that the space is particularly spacious. This brand-new Asian inspired decor immerses you in an extraordinary universe. This 400-seat restaurant will make you spend memorable evenings due to its ambiance and its American and Asian fusion food. The kitchen closes at 2 am on weekends, do not hesitate to stay and party after your meal.




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