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Best Restaurants in the Southwest of Montreal

Nov 09, 2018

Best Restaurants in the Southwest of Montreal
The Southwest of Montreal has gained popularity during the past couple of years. There are more and more restaurants that deserve to be discovered precisely for their atmosphere, their food, or the service you receive during your visit. Here are some of our favourites in this area of Montreal.

Mauvais Garçons

The Mauvais Garçons menu offers plenty of comforting small options to share. Located in the heart of Griffintown, this charming restaurant welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere. We highly suggest that you try their Mac and Cheese, made with homemade pastas, you will thank us later.


The Foiegwa has built a very good reputation in the neighborhood since it opened approximately two years ago. This "French Diner" offers unique cuisine of an incredible quality, created by a very passionate kitchen team. On the menu, a decadent cheeseburger, truffle pasta and of course foie gras anywhere you want it. You will also be charmed by the decor of the place, conceived by the talented Gauley Brothers.


Le Fantôme

Inside a very small room that can accommodate thirty people Le Fantôme offers a warm romantic atmosphere for an intimate evening.  A creative market cuisine awaits you, the opportunity to choose the tasting menu allows you to sample a maximum of their dishes paired with very good wines.

The Satay Brothers will fill your belly and put a smile on your face at every visit. Their Southeast Asian inspired cuisine is incredibly tasty, and most of the customers who already know the place have a crush on the steamed buns. These steamed buns can be served with pork or tofu, one won't be enough, that's for sure!


Bird Bar

This very nice restaurant, also designed by the talented Gauley Brothers, offers a unique concept in Montreal: Fried chicken and champagne! You heard right, it's the combo they are offering and we find it pretty cool. You will find many variations of fried chicken from La ferme des Voltigeurs, as well as several sauces to dip your chicken!


Joe Beef

Joe Beef's reputation is second to none in Little Burgundy. Although rather expensive, this restaurant is a must in the southwest of Montreal, and worth the trip. On the menu, steak, seafood and good wine.  

Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant offers a varied market cuisine. The plates are generous and tasty. A very interesting wine list is at your disposal to pair with your meal. Their Cavatellis are always a winning option, as are the exclusive pieces of meat that are offered every day. Ask your waiter for some advice!


Grumman 78

Located in a former garage, Grumman 78 offers a colorful revamped Mexican cuisine. Through tacos, salads and other Latin cuisine dishes, you will discover a panoply of flavours inspired by street food. You can also enjoy their menu when you come across their food truck somewhere on the streets of Montreal!


Le Richmond

The Richmond offers upscale Italian cuisine in a luxurious setting. Their large restaurant can accommodate more than 140 people, the industrial style mixed with the vintage features will charm you.


Arthurs Nosh Bar

You will understand why Arthurs is so popular once you try it for the first time. Their Jewish-inspired cuisine will not leave you indifferent, and all the gravlax lovers will be in paradise. On the menu, you will find dishes that can please everyone that can be enjoyed both in the morning or the afternoon. Be patient on busy days, the wait is worth it!


H4C Place Saint-Henri

The H4C is a unique gastronomic restaurant; the plates you will receive will dazzle you with their beauty. The chef is incredibly passionate and takes great care to create dishes of incredible quality while using local products. A tasting menu with food and wine pairing is offered and we highly recommend you to try it.



Middle Eastern cuisine awaits you at the Sumac Restaurant. Grilled pita and dips, fresh salads, shawarma and kefta are waiting for you! You can choose to take a plate or have a delicious mix of a little bit of everything inside a sandwich. It's the perfect place to have a meal on the go or to enjoy a meal with a glass of wine or a beer.



Grinder is the perfect place for a boisterous happy hour or a tasty dinner in good company. On the menu, fresh oysters, an assortment of fish prepared in various ways, and quality meat from their own butcher shop located a few steps from the restaurant. To add even more charm to the place, their beautiful terrace becomes an indoor garden when the cold weather arrives.

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