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CITYArticle: Best Restaurants for the Whole Family!

Best Restaurants for the Whole Family!

Jul 24, 2019
Best Restaurants for the Whole Family!

Dear parents this article is for you!

As parents, we are sometimes short of ideas when it comes time to decide where to go eat with the kids. We've put together a selection of Montreal restaurants that will appeal not only to you but also to your little ones. Whether you prefer a simple, pleasant place or an out-of-the-ordinary experience, these restaurants all have something special to offer.



Mirazu, located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, transports you to Turkey with their unique, tasty cuisine. You will find typical dishes from that region that will allow your child to discover new flavors. Everything is homemade and the atmosphere is particularly warm. Going with a group of friends lets you fully enjoy all their dishes that are perfect to share!


Restaurant Well

We recently discovered Well Restaurant on Wellington Street (hence the name) in Verdun. This charming place was an immediate favourite. You will immediately notice how welcoming the employees are. They serve decadent brunches inspired by reinvented classics, funky enough to please parents, and accessible enough to please even the most difficult kids. Ideal for a good time or to have a bite on the go, the Well is definitely a must try in Verdun!




What are we not willing to do to please our children...

Well, a poutine is a good example of a meal that rewards your kids for eating all their broccoli, isn't it? The Poutinville restaurants offer a wide variety of poutines to satisfy all your craziest cravings that can be included in this typical Quebec dish. Several locations are at your disposal, where you can share this delicious mixture of fries, sauce and cheese curds with your children.


Chinatown Kim Fung

A stroll through Montreal's Chinatown is always an adventure and a fun activity to do with your children. This allows you to show them a piece of Chinese culture and by extension the food that is found in this region. Among the incredible array of restaurants in this small area, Chinatown Kim Fung promises an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy, among other dishes, Dim Sums; a Cantonese specialty that are actually different types of small dishes that we put in the center of the table to share, there is something for everyone; we also say that it is at Kim Fung that they serve the best ones!


El Meson

A charming couple from Mexico opened the El Meson Restaurant a few years ago. The best thing about this place is that you can travel to Mexico for the price of a meal. The food they serve is a far cry from the Americanized version of Mexican cuisine that we are used to, you will eat real good food made with love according to the rules of art. In addition to the delicious food, El Meson welcomes you and your little ones, in a colorful and charming decor


Bouge Petit Café

Have you always said how nice it would be to have a place where you could enjoy a good coffee while your children have fun? Well, such a place exists, Bouge Petit Café. This space has been specially designed so that your little ones can have a good time while you relax a little. Their playground and exercise area are suitable for children ranging from 3 to 36 months, it is a colorful and fun place that will certainly amaze them. In addition, several choices of baby purees and other snacks are offered.


Enoteca Monza Pizzeria Moderna

This great Italian restaurant located in the heart of downtown is perfect for a family dinner. What could be better than enjoying a good pizza after walking around in the Eaton Center all afternoon? If shopping is not your thing, there is always the movie theatre not far away where you can watch a movie after enjoying a delicious meal at Enoteca Monza. Their menu is designed for the whole family, a children's section is also available.



Bistro Espace La Fontaine

The Bistro Espace La Fontaine offers a magnificent terrace overlooking the park during the summer and succulent hot chocolate that you can enjoy after spending time on the skating rink during winter. You can stop by and grab a bite to eat after a pleasant walk in the park. No matter how old your kids are, this place guarantees a good time.


Cantine Emilia

Cantine Emilia is an unpretentious Portuguese canteen, which welcomes you in a modern setting so that you can enjoy hearty meals inspired by classic Portuguese cuisine. While respecting the authenticity of a good Portuguese restaurant, small variations inspired from here are added to the items on the menu to offer you reinvented classics. Chicken, bifana, poutines and salads are available, in addition to various choices of natas, which will please your little ones with a sweet tooth.


Gibeau Orange Julep

The Gibeau Orange Julep is no secret to anyone who knows a little about the city of Montreal. This mythical place has been appreciated and visited for a long time for its simple menu and its famous orange drink. This is a fun activity to do with your children.  Sharing a bit of history of the time when food was served in the parking lot by waiters on roller blades. You can have a pleasant time with your family and why not capture the moment with a nice photo of the big orange that made its reputation.



Les Têtes de Cochons 

This Sainte-Adèle restaurant, which is also a superb butcher shop, lets your children discover a delicious local cuisine. Everything is homemade, in an eco-friendly environment. You'll eat a local cuisine, with local ingredients, made up with the best of what the Laurentian region has to offer. The atmosphere is also particularly pleasant and lively on Thursdays, thanks to the live music group and the chef cooking outside on the barbecue.






Buffet des Continents






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