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Best New Montreal Delivery Restaurants on Foodora

10 Restaurants mentioned

When the temperatures dip below zero - and stay there - it's hard to motivate yourself to bundle up and hit the streets to explore Montreal's best new restaurants. Luckily for us, there are services that are delivering the best food in the city with the press of a button, saving you from stepping out into the frigid winter wind.

One service, in particular, has curated a list of new, exciting and beloved restaurants in Montreal - foodora's fleet of riders (easily spotted in pink!) will brave the cold so you don't have to and bring your favorite eats right to your door.

Read on so you don't have to wonder any longer where to order from next.

Schwartz's Deli

The famous restaurant Schwartz's has been serving smoked meat sandwiches for over 90 years. This place is an institution in Montreal and now you can avoid waiting for line up to get the delicious smoked meat, thanks to foodora you can enjoy this classic dish in the comfort of your home. Order from a wide variety, including combos that can be shared with several people. You will, of course, have the classic pickle and the delicious fries as aside. 

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Notre Boeuf De Grâce

Notre Boeuf de Grâce restaurants have made a name for themselves with their tasty and decadent burgers. They have something to be proud of, because everything is homemade, with local ingredients; the fries, sauces, soft drinks, shakes, cocktails, and even their beers. You can order burgers, traditional club sandwiches or hamburger steak dishes, salads and even breakfast options that will give you the chance to stay home and enjoy.

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Thanks to the "Salad Sisters", Mandy and Rebecca we can enjoy Mandy's salads! It was in 2004 that they had the idea of opening a restaurant where you can personalize your own salads. They immediately had huge success! Their gourmet salads are very popular and a large number of locations have opened since then. Foodora allows you to order online so you can enjoy your own salad creation, gourmet salads, healthy bowls, and soups. 

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Pizzeria no. 900

Pizzeria NO.900 have aroused enthusiasm since their opening with their succulent Neapolitan style pizzas. Made according to tradition, they will certainly not leave you hungry. In addition to making their homemade dough, the sauce is made from Umberto tomatoes and the mozzarella is also made on-site with some fleur de sel. The menu is almost entirely available for your order on foodora; "red" pizzas, "white" pizzas, as well as a variety of appetizers and desserts.

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Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres was the first vegan restaurant to open its doors in Montreal, they have come a long way since! Being pioneers in their kind of restaurants, they should be proud! Having actively participated in promoting the vegan lifestyle by offering dishes so tasty, they will convince the most carnivorous to adopt this type of diet. Their dishes are inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine which makes it very comforting, try their sandwiches, healthy bowls, chili, burrito and vegan desserts.

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La Cage - Brasserie Sportive

Formerly called La Cage aux Sports, now La Cage - Brasserie Sportive, this establishment is well known for its vibrant atmosphere and its televisions all over the walls allowing you to watch almost every sports match possible. Having recently improved their food menu, which was already delicious, you will find all the comfort food dishes you love in one place. Opt for a burger, sandwich, rotisserie-style dish, spareribs, tartare, poke bowls, salads, pasta, and even vegetarian options.

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Comptoir Sushi à la Maison

We all know Geneviève Everell, the charming woman behind the concept of "Sushi à la Maison", this very cool project which allows you to have a sushi chef at home, who makes "bouchées de bonheur" for you and your guests, as Geneviève affectionately calls them. Following the great success of Sushi à la Maison, she finally decided to open the Comptoirs Sushi à la Maison. Many choices are offered for order via foodora including poke bowls, tartare and sushi.

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Omnivore restaurants offer healthy, mouthwatering food at an affordable price, inspired by colorful Middle Eastern dishes. On the menu, dishes composed of meat and salads with dips. A wide variety of sandwiches is also offered as well as mezze and other extras (hummus, babaghanouj, kebbe, vine leaves, etc.)

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A&W needs no introduction, this fast-food chain is already well known for its burgers and its famous rootbeer. Order directly from foodora so you can enjoy your favorite burger in the comfort of your living room.

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Much like the previous restaurants, Subway restaurants are well known. They can be a healthier fast food alternative when you don't want it to be complicated and are looking for something quick to satisfy your hunger. Order the classic submarines, wrap or ciabatta bread and salads, made with the ingredients of your choice.

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Poutineville restaurants were born from an idea between three long-time friends who were passionate about cooking and food. The three owners wanted to create a place where poutine is in the spotlight. You can create your own poutine or opt for one of their gourmet poutines with options like pepper sauce, filet mignon, blue cheese or sweet potato fries. At home, try the poutine called "heart attack", 15-pound poutine that won't leave you hungry, that's for sure!

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Frites Alors!

Frites Alors! will appeal to the people who enjoy comforting traditional Belgian fries with mayonnaise. No less than 15 different mayonnaise are offered to eat with your fries or any other dishes available on the menu such as burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs or poutines.

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