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Best Ice Cream Shops in Montreal

Flavors that change weekly!

May 14, 2021

Best Ice Cream Shops in Montreal

26 Restaurants mentioned

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Did you know that Montreal is especially renowned in Canada for the diversity and originality of its ice creams?

The nice days are finally here and it's THE season for ice cream. Get ready to see these places on your social networks in the next few weeks/months! 

Many have vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free options that are just as worth a look!


A must in Pointe-Claire, Wild Willy's has been open for almost 30 years and offers over 48 types of homemade ice cream! For the lactose intolerant or vegan, they have frozen tofu. They also make delicious homemade cakes! Strawberry, Chocolate Espresso, Kahlua Oreo, and Chocolate Peanut Butter are just a few of the flavors you can enjoy on the spot or by delivery! Otherwise, go for the float, a sundae, a banana split, a parfait, a King Kong (15 scoops), or a frozen banana! 

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


Located on St-Denis in the Plateau Mont-Royal, this must-try ice cream spot changes flavor every week. The two owners are avid travelers and want to share the flavors they've enjoyed around the world through their different recipes. Unicone has continuous vegan and lactose-free options and these ice creams are just as delicious. A few examples from the past few weeks to give you an idea of what you can find: Colombia with Dulce de Leche ice cream and Lulo mango and pineapple sorbet); Bastani- Saffron rosewater ice cream with Iranian pistachios and Yemen with Mocha Sanani ice cream and cherry sorbet.

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La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


This ice cream chain has several locations across Canada. They offer about 20 (if not more) different dips and toppings. Each visit can be different or the same depending on your mood, add toppings such as pretzels, pistachios, Oreo, Reese, chocolate cake to name a few! They never stop innovating by offering to personalize your chocolate bars, donuts, or ice cream. They deal with several delivery partners, so you can select everything before you get there!

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La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


This creamery in the Plateau, with its colorful façade, offers ice cream made from custard with vanilla flavors from Madagascar, dark chocolate, Chinese ginger, cardamom, soya milk ice cream, fruit sorbets, and also vegan options! The small bench at the front of the shop is the perfect place to enjoy your cone and the atmosphere of Saint-Denis Street.



A charming little restaurant in Plaza St-Hubert, L'Armoire à Glaces offers homemade ice cream balls and a wide range of desserts and ice cakes. From timeless flavors to the most audacious such as lavender or mango-coriander there is a flavor you'll enjoy. They also have vegan and lactose intolerant options!

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


Ca Lem means ice cream in Vietnamese, which may explain the inspiration in flavors that travel the globe? Many of the flavors are coconut milk-based, so vegans or lactose-intolerant people can enjoy them as well. They are known for having colorful and diverse flavors that change weekly. Some examples are Taro ice cream & Passion fruit sorbet, gluten-free; Coconut Pandan & mango sorbet; Cotton candy ice cream & Strawberry sorbet or Earl Gray tea & Tahitian Vanilla bean ice cream. Flavors that will make you travel and that will make beautiful pictures on your social media networks! They have three locations including one in NDG, on the Plateau, and newly in the Old Port!

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


Gelaterie Pierino is gelateria/café located in Little Italy. Their specialty is Gelato & Sorbetto which tells a story with every spoonful!  Everything is homemade and produced with pride, their gelato is LOW IN FAT & GLUTEN FREE while their sorbets are VEGAN & LACTOSE-FREE. 

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


Iconoglace is located in the Petite-Patrie and is inspired by the word iconoclast which means the rejection of tradition. If you're craving new ways to eat ice cream, this is the place to do it! Much of the menu is vegan, gluten-free, or lactose-free, making the place accessible to all. One product that stood out was their kombucha slush with ice cream inside. Stop by and try the Tropic Thunder which is currently making the rounds on social media and is made with a mango passion fruit compote, condensed coconut milk, coconut cookie crumble, whipped cream, and candied lime zest! 

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


This small neighborhood café has carved out a niche for itself in Pointe-St-Charles and recently celebrated its second year of operation. During the summer season, they offer homemade ice creams with different flavors. The flavors that have been available since the beginning of the season are Chai & Salted Butter Caramel Latte, Vegan Lime Pie, or Salted Butter & Caramel Popcorn. Follow their social networks to know their flavor of the week!

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


Another place located in Laval is Dolce & Santella. Enjoy the most exquisite artisanal gelato made only from local ingredients. Marco is of Quebec-Italian origin and blends his heritage to offer unique flavors! Each recipe is calculated and made with passion. Let yourself be tempted by the mascarpone & pistachio, tiramisu, pistachio, strawberry, or almond. You can even call on their catering service for your next event and consult them to make your favorite flavors! 

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


Since it was founded in 1983, Bilboquet's objective is to manufacture the best ice cream and the best sorbet possible. All their products are manufactured in an artisan way with only raw ingredients of very high quality. Their locations cover the greater Montreal area, with branches in Montreal, Laval and Brossard.

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


With 2 locations, one in Fairmount and one in Des Ormeaux, they must be on your summer bucket list! The owner couple is French-Vietnamese and their creativity draws crowds throughout the summer season. The durian ice cream is a must-try if you want to be introduced to this fruit known for its strong aroma. The twists are constantly changing and will allow you to explore a new ice cream with each visit! Some examples: Mango and Coconut; Blueberry Sorbet and Honey Ice Cream; Rose, Lychee and Raspberry or Apple and Cinnamon. 



Havre aux Glaces is an artisanal ice cream shop in the Jean-Talon market offering ice cream, sorbet, desserts and other frozen delights. The flavors vary with the seasons to offer fresh and creative compositions. The search for the ideal ingredients for the production of their sweets is their primary goal.

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


When you are in the Old Port, this is a must. Several sorbets and soft ice creams are offered with different dips. Bring out your inner child with cones decorated with "fruit loops" or "lucky charms", to name a few. Need a little boost at the same time? Their coffee is selected with choice and good quality. If you are a sundae fan, we recommend the maple and walnut sundae! Nice stop with a service that will make you forget the waiting time! 

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


Every Wednesday at 5 pm, follow their website to discover the new products of the week. Everything is available for take-out or delivery 7 days a week from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. The chefs have over 25 years of combined experience in the restaurant business and it shows! Located in Saint-Henri, the ice cream cookies are a treat as are the different flavors offered. Everything is homemade from Quebec ingredients. Their latest flavors were honey + flowers from Quebec; French toast; Earl grey or even Quebec corn! A nice gourmet address that makes you want to (re) discover this neighborhood.

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


A little hidden gem in Laval, this address offers homemade Middle Eastern ice cream. This type of ice cream is called Bouza / Booza made with ashta, an ice cream usually flavored with rose water or orange blossom water. You can find several videos showing the elasticity of this ice cream on the web! You can find typical flavors with rose, pistachio, and one of their great specialties: the bouza ice cream with cotton candy! It's a place that makes a change and deserves to be discovered!

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


Jukebox Burgers and Bar Laitier, located in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, is a great place to bring family and friends! Dip into something different!  Try their delicious food, you'll love their huge juicy burgers, made from fresh AAA grade meat! Finish your meal with a delicious dessert including their delicious ice cream. Go ahead ... Treat yourself!

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


With branches in Beaubien, Saint-Hilaire, and Chambly, these restaurants, inspired by the atmosphere of Californian surfers and New York restaurants, allows you to enjoy poutine, a hamburger, and excellent ice cream under the same roof. There are many options including cones, world cup, lake placid (slushie with ice cream), paletas, dipped cones, snow (slushie), Jones buoy, the landing, chic-choc, or a bubble tea. Feel like you're on the beach and enjoy your ice cream on one of the benches made from surfboards!

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


Sachère Desserts has won the hearts (stomachs) of many dessert and ice cream lovers since it opened. Trained as a pastry chef, owner Sonya offers decadent cakes with vegan and gluten-free options. It's impossible to pass up her ice creams, there are 100% vegan twists every week like an Earl Grey and blood orange sorbet; Matcha and dark chocolate, or the olive oil sorbet and grapefruit mint sorbet. A stop that we strongly suggest for any sweet tooth!

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


It's impossible not to feel like a kid when you walk into the Blueboy. The decor is inspired by the 50's era of Doo Wop. Specializing in homemade frozen yogurt, they offer different condiments to accompany your treat. The flavors of their ice cream and sorbets change weekly. Here are some of the recipes that have come and gone in the last month: homemade Tahitian vanilla ice cream with homemade caramel sauce, Oreo powder, and Oreo cookie; pomegranate & rose ice cream alongside chocolate and mochaccino churro sundae. If you're a fan of watermelon, I suggest you keep an eye on their social media, as they have the famous "boat" with ice cream and fruit a few times a summer. 

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


Ice cream and sorbets manufacturers, they make everything on the spot from A to Z! Even the cones! They are open year-round to offer desserts and pastries. You may have already seen their 500ml tubs in a grocery store near you! Everything is made with local and natural products. On the menu, they have soft ice cream, hard ice cream, the tour (tasting of many flavors), the Roteux (choux pastry bread, ice cream sausage, and condiments), floats, sherbet shakes, ice cream sandwiches, and the pitounes( ice cream sticks)! 

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


In addition to offering a wide selection of handmade chocolates, Hartley offers over 40 flavours of hard ice cream! A must in old Saint-Lambert which warms our heart just as much as it refreshes us throughout the summer season.

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


Crémerie Pineault, an institution located in Laval since the late 1950s, has invented a unique manufacturing process that allows you to insert fruit and sweets of your choice into the soft ice cream and twist several flavors of ice cream in the same cone! One word ... YUMMY! They now have 4 locations, Blainville, Duvernay, Fabreville and Rosemère.



Has the urge to eat ice cream in a fish-shaped cone ever entered your mind? Well at Kamehameha it's possible! This Hawaiian snack bar specializes in typical Hawaiian food, as well as exotic ice cream. You could enjoy flavors such as matcha and coconut, mango and white chocolate, or apple and Hawaiian vanilla. Inspired by the surf culture of northern Oahu Island, this restaurant will also charm you with its fresh dishes and its enchanting decor.

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


Residents of Beloeil, Terrebonne, Joliette and Brossard, if you haven't been to Chocolato yet, what are you waiting for? This chocolate factory and creamery offers a variety of delicacies for your sweet tooth. Let yourself be tempted by 20 choices of "dipping sauce" to accompany your ice cream sandwich or the classic soft ice cream cone. Whatever you can imagine, at Chocolato it's probably possible, satisfy your sweet tooth and try all the combinations of ingredients that enter your mind!

La Meilleure Crème Glacée à Montréal


Located on Decarie, this chocolate factory offers several artisanal ice creams. A wide variety of hard ice cream as well as soft ice cream (vanilla and chocolate). You have the option to dip your cone in one of the 8 Belgian chocolate based dips. Everything is homemade from fresh ingredients. Don't miss their chocolates, pastries and cakes!


The ice cream shops are full of creativity and are worth a visit, so keep an eye on the social networks to know which address you're going to based on the flavors offered! Of course, many have a line up, but it's worth it!

Happy ice cream season to all! 

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