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Best Delivery Restaurants in Montreal and Surroundings

14 Restaurants mentioned


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With the fall season here, many of us have the desire to stay home and eat comforting food without having to think much about cooking. Well, here is a unique list of restaurants that offer delivery to allow you to eat in the comfort of your home.


Meatball House

Located in Griffintown, Meatball House is sure to satisfy any meatball cravings. Reasonably priced and perfect for home delivery if you live in the Southwest or the surrounding area. What's more comforting than eating meatballs in the comfort of your living room? Vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free options are available in addition to fish or meat options. Choose among sides of polenta, edamame, grilled vegetables or baby potatoes.


Club Soya

Club Soya is the perfect option for sushi lovers who need delivery in downtown Montreal. They offer a cuisine that blends Asian flavours with classic flavours from our cuisine here in Montreal. While classics such as miso soup, sashimi or karaage chicken are offered, you'll find less traditional, but equally tasty options. We suggest that you try the maki burritos, which as the name says, allows you to eat makis in the form of a burrito. Tasty!



Calzone lovers listen well! Panzzerotti restaurant offers you an alternative that is very similar to the famous calzone, but even more interesting. This traditional Italian dish is a smaller version of the calzone and is usually fried instead of baked. This restaurant honours this dish by offering you all sorts of varieties and even the option for you to choose the ingredients you want to have inside. In terms of delivery, the people of in and around Villeray and Saint-Michel are the lucky ones who can enjoy it.


Guru Bistro Indien

Guru Bistro Indien is perfect if you want a bit of exoticism at home. Perfect for the residents of the Plateau Mont-Royal, you can order dishes that combine Indian flavours with classics from here. You will also find all the best dishes of traditional Indian cuisine such as onions bhaji, butter chicken or samosas. If you want to try several dishes, tasting platters are also offered to allow you to share all these delights.


La Merveille du Vietnam

We have added the restaurant La Merveille du Vietnam to this list for a very specific reason. Although this restaurant is located in the Rosemont district, they deliver their delicious Vietnamese and Thai food over a vast territory. You will find on their menu: General Tao chicken, pad thai, spring rolls, soups and other delicacies. Speaking of soups, we have a crush for the grilled chicken tonkinese one, which is very comforting, especially paired with Imperial rolls.


Tacos Frida

Mexican food lovers living in St-Henri definitely know the restaurant Tacos Frida. Operated by a family from the beautiful Oaxaca region in Mexico, they serve awesome Mexican classics perfect for a movie night at home. Let us share our favourite items with you: The tortilla soup made with the most tasty broth, the guacamole, simple but perfectly seasoned, and the El Pastor tacos made with pork and pineapple chunks, all freshly prepared!


Kaza Maza

Kaza Maza offers a Lebanese and Syrian cuisine in the heart of the Mile End. Specialties include hot and cold mezze, lamb kefta, taboulé or fattouch salad. You can eat these Middle Eastern delights in the comfort of your home. For all the dip lovers out there, be tempted by all the options such as homemade hummus, baba gannouj or labneh!


Miss Jean Talon

If you are feeling for a good pizza and you are living in the Jean-Talon area, you are very lucky, because the Miss Jean Talon serves excellent ones since 1957. You will find many kinds of authentic pizzas made with lots of love! In addition to pizzas, a classic dinner menu offers burgers, poutines, submarines, chicken wings and other dishes of the same kind.


Qing Hua Dumpling

With a restaurant in Shaughnessy Village and one in the Chinatown, Qing Hua can satisfy dumpling cravings for all those who do not stay too far from these neighbourhoods. This is probably one of the most authentic options when it comes to typical dumplings in Montreal. Juicy and tasty, you will find a wide choice of ingredient combinations that are offered for all tastes. You can choose from fried or steamed dumplings. Those who are steamed are gorged with a delicious broth.



Solymar offers authentic Peruvian cuisine offering the best classic recipes that only grandmothers know and cherish. If you like fish, you will enjoy their soups, or ceviches that will make you want to keep eating even if you are full. If you are looking for some fresh and tasty food, Solymar is definitely a must for delivery in the Villeray neighborhood.


North Shore

Allons Burger

At Allons Burger you can order delicious pub food for everyone at home. You will also find "reinvented" burgers of all kinds that will please everyone.


Bon Appétit Chéri

Open daily from 11am to 11pm, the restaurant Bon Appétit Chéri allows you to eat a varied menu at any time of the day, whether you feel for a fancy pizza, poutine, grilled meats, sandwiches or tasty comforting breakfasts. This is the ideal restaurant if you are more than one to eat together, but do not want to eat the same thing.


Ile des Sœurs

Le Petit Sao

We had already talked about Le Petit Sao in other articles, this small Vietnamese restaurant is quite charming and we love to make you discover it. Have one of their tonkinese soups or their delicious homemade Banh Mi. It is also possible to order salads or bowls that are big enough to make you have a healthy and consistent lunch.


South Shore

Taiyo Sushi

Taiyo Sushi is a restaurant serving fresh Asian cuisine including sushi and Japanese cuisine classics. It is possible to order combos allowing you to eat a larger variety of sushi. If you are with someone at home who is not an amateur of raw fish, other options are offered such as grilled meats, udon noodles, pad thai, fried rice as well as appetizers like shrimp tempura or fried dumplings. If you decide to eat at the restaurant, an all-you-can-eat menu is offered.


Régal Deli & Grill 

Régal Déli & Grill is perfect for a family meal at home. They have something for everyone living under your roof. You will find pizza, pasta, submarines, smoked meat, grilled meats and other classic that is usually on a diner-style menu.

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