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Best Cocktail Bars in Montreal

Best Cocktail Bars in Montreal

14 Restaurants mentioned

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Cocktail bars have regained popularity with many people in recent years. What better than to be impressed by the incredible talent of bartenders mastering the art of spirits! If you are still unfamiliar with some of these places in Montreal, this article is for you. In case you are a cocktail lover, maybe this list will allow you to discover great places you don’t know yet!



Although Flyjin is well known for its wild atmosphere during the night, they have an interesting selection of cocktails elaborated with care and creativity. It is by using products such as sake, yuzu, or coriander that the bartenders of Flyjin add an Asian touch to the cocktails. You can meet there as early as 7pm to enjoy a drink or to enjoy their Asian-inspired food menu.


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Gokudo is part of the category that could be called "hidden bars". It is at the back of a small fisherman's cabin located on Cathcart Street that this Japanese cocktail bar takes place. It is in a rather mysterious and enchanting atmosphere that you can enjoy their delicious cocktails like the Shiro, made with Nigori (type of sake), a Japanese white peach liquor as well as shiso leaves and fresh lime.


4e Mur

Known as a "detective agency" when you search for it on the Internet, the 4e Mur is a "Speakeasy" type of bar. The bars were named like that during the prohibition to keep it a secret so that the bar remains open. Located in the basement of a location on St. Denis Street, the 4e Mur offers a unique and very well-thought cocktail menu that will certainly allow you to discover new products. To help you get in the mood, burlesque shows are also performed on site.


Maison Saint-Paul

Open a few years ago, Maison Saint-Paul has made its place among the recognized establishments of the Old Port of Montreal. Their cocktail menu is made with fresh and tasty products to satisfy all desires. There are also a variety of cocktails made with sparkling wines considering that it is their specialty. If you take a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine, do not hesitate to ask your server to slash it yourself!



Le Thazard is an Asian tavern where you can find a creative and unpretentious menu in a relaxed atmosphere. The cocktail menu changes regularly according to the inspiration of the bartenders as well as the personal favourites of their loyal customers. Accompany your cocktail with a dish from their Asian fusion style menu, the "Kung Pow Caesar" is the perfect pairing to have with the shrimp tempura!



Before enjoying the incomparable Cloakroom, you must first find how to access it, because this bar is also part of those called "Speakeasy". When you have found how to get in, you will be surprised at first by the size of the place; there are only about ten seats. Then, it's the perfection of execution and all the attention that is put for each cocktail that will certainly impress you. We'll let you discover it by yourself!



Nhâu Bar

You probably know the Vietnamese restaurant Hà now having two locations, one on Mont-Royal street and the other one on William Street in the Old Port of Montreal. Well this last location now has a splendid cocktail bar located in the basement of the establishment. Nhau offers very colorful and original Asian inspired cocktails, in a warm atmosphere that transports you to the other end of the world.


Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary located in Boucherville is a bistro-bar inspired by the Victorian era. As you enter, you’ll find a dreamy decor with Victorian armchairs and several spaces where to settle with different atmospheres. On the cocktail menu there are revisited classics and signature cocktails created by their bartenders. To keep up with the nice weather, they also have several options of pitchers to share.


Le Royal

The Rouge-Gorge wine bar first opened at the corner of Mont-Royal and De Brébeuf streets and then Le Royal settled in the basement of the establishment. Their passionate team working behind the bar of this festive, warm and attractive place will concoct you a delicious personalized cocktail that you’ll definitely enjoy.



Rum lover, listen carefully; the Barraca is definitely for you! Well known by the people living in the Plateau Mont-Royal area, you will find a wide variety of rum of all kinds and a cocktail menu highlighting them. Step out of your comfort zone and be tempted by the exotic flavours they have to offer.



Specialized in traditional Spanish cuisine, Santos has not ceased to amaze us since 2007. In addition to its colourful and tasty menu, you’ll find a very electric atmosphere out of the ordinary, which promises to make you spend an unforgettable evening. Cocktail wise, you’ll find mainly classic cocktails, but the bartenders on site will be happy to make you a creation especially for you.


Atwater Cocktail Club (ACC)

You probably already know the restaurant Foiegwa in Saint-henri, the same owners as the Barroco and the Bocata in the Old Port of Montreal ... Did you know that behind this magnificent "French Diner" there is a hidden enchanting bar with surprising decor. The Atwater Cocktail Club will make you feel elsewhere, hidden from the “real life”. In addition to offering a creative and spectacular cocktail menu concocted by extremely talented bartenders, you will feel like you can spend an evening where everything is allowed.


Huis Clos

The Huis Clos is definitely one of our favourite bars in the Villeray district. Not only for its very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, but also for the variety of spirits that there is on site to satisfy all the cravings in terms of cocktails. This neighbourhood bar promises a lot of fun and tasty cocktails made with lots of love!



We had already mentioned the beautiful Rosélys of the Fairmount Hotel – Le Reine Elizabeth in another article, we did not tell you everything. In addition to all what’s inside this splendid establishment, the Nacarat awaits you with elegant cocktails and a perfect atmosphere for a romantic evening or a happy hour in good company!

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