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Best Burgers in Montreal

By Kassandra Brochu

Dec 26, 2017

13 Restaurants mentioned

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Foiegwa has gained a lot of popularity since its opening, they are charming their guests with the rustic look of the restaurant as well as their menu which is composed of reinvented delicious French classics. Their cheeseburger is a must if you are visiting this restaurant. Perfect for those who are not afraid to get their hands dirty, the cheeseburger is composed of a brioché bread, a juicy beef patty and a generous portion of cheese and then coated with gravy and caramelized onions. If you want some more, ask for the foie gras extra!


QDC Burger

Queue de Cheval Steakhouse, the luxury destination for all quality meats in Montreal, last year presented their new QDC Burger. If there is a reliable address for amazing beef, it is Queue de Cheval. Do not miss a chance to taste their delicious deluxe burgers!


Bon Vivant

If you are a meat lover, Le Bon Vivant is for you. Some of the items on the menu are changing according to seasonal products; they are offering a variety of meals composed of meat, all more delectable than the others. The Gaspor Burger is one of the item that stays on their permanent menu. Made with a piglet patty, the Gaspor Burger is a kind of BLT with marinated onions and the BV sauce added to it. Are you wondering what BV sauce is? Go ahead and try it, you will discover it yourself!

Gourmet Burger

Gourmet Burger's cuisine passionately develops each of its burgers with extra-fine ingredients to ensure an irresistible sensation of satisfaction with every bite. Go ahead, enjoy yourself!


Jukebox Burgers & Bar Laitier

Jukebox Burgers, located in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, is the perfect place to bring family and friends! You will love their huge juicy burgers made with fresh AAA grade meats, not to mention all their delicious sides!



With its two locations, Uniburger is making a lot of people happy. This cafeteria-style restaurant offers classic burgers executed to perfection. The wonderful thing about Uniburger is that you can choose which ingredients you want to have in your burger. Single or double, with or without cheese, let yourself be tempted by all the toppings that are at your disposal to create THE perfect burger for you.


Méchant Boeuf

Le Méchant Boeuf needs no introduction : known to have the hottest happy hour in the city in addition to serving one of the best hamburgers, the restaurant is a must in Old Montreal.


Lola Rosa

Lola Rosa is undoubtedly the reference in vegetarian and vegan food in Montreal! Savor their delicious veggie burger. It consists of a vegetarian patty made with potatoes and brown rice, grilled vegetables, marinated eggplant, cashew tzatziki, portobello bacon and more!



Burger Bar

You already know it by the name; the Burger Bar offers a very wide variety of burgers that can accomodate many cravings. From the most classic burgers, to the Jack Daniel's burger and gourmet burgers made of foie gras, the possibilities are infinite. For those who would like to “go big or go home”, the hangover burger is for you. Winner of the Best Burger Award at the 2013 Burger Week, this burger consists of an AAA beef patty, with a mini poutine, a fried egg and other surprises inside. Dare you?



Lov is a popular new vegetarian restaurant in Old Montreal. 100% vegetarian, their menu is full of colourful dishes. They also offer two vegan burgers; One is made with a homemade vegan cake assorted with their own "faux-cheese", topped with tomatoes, pickled onions and lettuce. The second one is an Asian-inspired burger that looks like a Banh Mi composed of crunchy tofu, fermented carrots and miso flavoured cabbage. Let yourself be tempted by their freshness.



Les Enfants Terribles

Friendly and always busy, this neighborhood gem offers four tasty addresses and a comforting menu, prepared with care by its owners who receive each customer as they would in their home. Do not miss their hamburger specially designed for Burger Week: AAA beef, herb chimichurri, Crane Island cheddar, lobster mushroom relish served on a butter brioche bun!




Jack Saloon

Jack Saloon is located in the Quartier Dix30 on Leduc Boulevard in Brossard. It is a festive restaurant and bar where one finds a warm and inviting atmosphere. Specializing in BBQ (smokehouse) and TexMex cooking , it is clear that their burgers are among the best of the South Shore. For big eaters, the Krispy Kreme burger is unique to say the least! Served between two Krispy Kreme donuts caramelized on burning embers, topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and red onion!


Jerry Ferrer Casse-Croûte

The Europea Group successfully ventured into the world of Snack Bars with their own traditional roadside restaurants, reinterpreted with Quebec products. Besides the classic "Big Jerry" burger, Jerry Ferrer Casse-Croûte presents, in honor of Burger Week, Le Picsou Royal. This burger consists of 100% angus beef, shredded duck, foie gras, Quebec cheese, fried shallots, coleslaw and spicy, smokey mayonnaise.


Houston Avenue Bar & Grill

Houston Avenue Bar & Grill offers a unique atmosphere that will appeal to all. You will discover a refined cuisine that is simple, smart and deliciously affordable! Enjoy one of their burgers, all different and all equally delicious!


Mile Public House

Located in the beautiful Square in Quartier Dix30, Mile Public house presents well-crafted cocktails of all kinds, quality food and an unparalleled ambiance. What you may not know is they have one of the most delicious burgers on the South Shore! 


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