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Best "ALL YOU CAN EAT" Restaurants in Montreal

For our gluttonous selves!

Feb 18, 2020


15 Restaurants mentioned

Although eating in moderation is usually better, there are times when it feels great to eat without worrying about the rest!  If you're super hungry, All-You-Can-Eat is critical, so it's a good thing greater Montreal has a plethora of different selections to choose from.

Find below our favorite "ALL YOU CAN EAT" restaurants!

Seoul Chako

If you're looking for a restaurant that offers an all-you-can-eat menu in a festive atmosphere that doesn't make you feel like you're eating at a buffet, Seoul Chako is the place for you. Inspired by typical "Korean BBQ" restaurants, you can cook the items you have chosen directly on the grill incorporated in your table. The menu offers a wide variety of meats, vegetables, sushi, noodles and rice as well as other specialty dishes.


YOKO Sushi & BBQ

YOKO Sushi & BBQ also offers a "Korean BBQ" style menu as well as all-you-can-eat sushi. Located in Saint-Léonard, they invite you to discover a fine and modern Japanese cuisine. The dining room section designed for the all-you-can-eat menu offers approximately a hundred seats, ideal for group reservations.

Poulet 3 pattes

- AD -

This very friendly Portuguese restaurant offers a combo that is hard to resist. Every Sunday, you can eat as much chicken and fries that you want for only 15$. Yes, only 15$! Rendezvous on Boulevard Rosemont for a guaranteed feast.



Kui is also a "Korean BBQ" style restaurant, this one located in Verdun offers you delicious food that you can grill in the center of your table all at an affordable price. What makes it even more attractive; it's a "bring your own wine" restaurant and the very friendly owner is usually on hand to make sure you have a pleasant evening in his restaurant.


K2+ Bistro

K2 + Bistro allows you to eat a wide variety of tasty and refined sushi as well as Asian fusion style dishes, as much as your hunger allows you to. The cordial and attentive service will convince you from the start. For those who are not that much into sushi, the menu also offers skewers, noodles, dumplings or other Japanese cuisine classics.


Yuan Végétarien

Vegetarian readers, this restaurant is for you. You too have always dreamed of enjoying an all-you-can-eat menu without worrying about whether the dishes contain meat or not. Well, Yuan Végétarien responded to your request by offering an Asian buffet with all your favorites, but in a vegetarian version. Soups, imperial rolls, dumplings, tempuras, stir-fries and so on, are dishes you can enjoy at Yuan. 


Restaurant L'Escape

For those who would like to try something new, L'Escape restaurant is one of the few places in Montreal where you can eat typical West Indian cuisine. Try their buffet to discover a new world of flavors.



Sahib offers a very popular lunchtime Indian buffet where you can eat a wide variety of typical Indian dishes until you are full. All dishes are freshly prepared every day to offer you the best of Indian cuisine. Tandooris, butter chicken, lamb and samosas are classics that you will find in Sahib.


Sawadika Festin Thaïlandais

This "bring your own wine" located in Ville Saint-Laurent welcomes you in a warm atmosphere. The staff and food will make you feel like you are on a vacation during your meal especially because of its exotic decor. Their Thai and Szechuan cuisine is offered in an all-you-can-eat formula, for only thirty dollars, and entitles you to more than 40 choices of dishes of all kinds. Sawadika is really the kind of restaurant that can suit any occasion!


Buffet Maharani

At Buffet Maharani, you can order whatever you want, as many times as you want, and unlike other buffet restaurants, you don't even have to get up to eat, they take care of it for you! The prices are really affordable, so you will have nothing to worry about except enjoying some typical Indian and Pakistani dishes.



Taiyo Sushi

At Taiyo Sushi they will make you discover a high-quality Asian cuisine, full of freshness and flavors. In addition to the food, their attentive service will charm you. You can also visit their location in the Quartier Latin, in Montreal. 


M. Burrito offers traditional and comforting Mexican cuisine. What could be better than tacos when speaking of an all-you-can-eat menu? I don't know about you, but we love that idea! For 35$, you can choose to eat as many El Pastor, Carnitas, beef or vegetarian tacos as you want.

Première Fondue

Première Fondue restaurant offers you an authentic Chinese hot pot experience with a touch of modernity. It's simple, you just have to choose a broth and what you will put in it. Meat, seafood, vegetables, noodles, whatever you like in a fondue, they have it!


Hasu Sushi & Wok

Since 1992, Hasu Sushi & Wok is proud to offer you a fast and courteous service as well as fantastic food. The extensive menu offers over 100 choices of excellent, home-cooked dishes, such as sushi, salads, rolls, and other Asian-inspired dishes. Filet mignon skewers, peanut butter sauce dumplings and of course sushi are particularly popular with customers. Their concept is simple, we go to Hasu Sushi & Wok to "Eat, drink and be happy".


Le Milsa

We have already mentioned Le Milsa in other articles, it is quite a unique place that deserves to be talked about. This Churrascaria-style restaurant will make you live a very special evening, the Brazilian grilled meats are cut right at your table by the cutting masters, also called Churrasqueiros. Choose from the finest pieces of meat, which will be served to you as many times as you want, in addition to exotic salads, tasty rice, varied vegetables and Brazilian desserts.



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