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Article: At the RestoMontreal Team Table: Our April 2024 Media Invitations and Favourites

At the RestoMontreal Team Table: Our April 2024 Media Invitations and Favourites

A genuine, honest account of each of the restaurants we explored.

By updated: May 08, 2024
At the RestoMontreal Team Table: Our April 2024 Media Invitations and Favourites

This is the fourth edition of our monthly series of articles, taking you behind the scenes of our culinary discoveries and adventures in and around Montreal in April 2024.

Our team, composed of :

    Stay tuned for our latest invitations via the official RestoMontréal on Instagram.

    We've had the privilege of being invited to various events and restaurants through RestoMontréal.

    Chandni, with her flair for social media, will guide you through the must-see moments, while Dalia, our customer service expert, will bring her unique take on hospitality and the overall experience. As editor and food writer, I'll (Rebecca) be sharing my candid and detailed thoughts on each restaurant, offering you an authentic glimpse into our gastronomic escapades.

    We'd like to express our sincere gratitude to every restaurant, PR agency, and PR professional who generously opened their doors to our team.

    We're delighted to share our impressions with you, dear reader because your passion for discovering Montreal's culinary scene is reflected in our stories.

    Prepare to be inspired, intrigued, and tempted by our unique and honest experiences in the delicious world of Montreal gastronomy during April 2024.


    280 Boulevard Sainte-Rose, Laval, H7L 1M2

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    Invitation received via Instagram

    On April 3rd, Dalia visited Sharkcootery, located in the Old Ste-Rose neighborhood in Laval. Sarah, the owner, warmly welcomed her. The place, specializing in sweet croffles and fresh drinks, impressed with its enticing counter and inventive catering service. Among the delights enjoyed, the Choco Fou Raide and Muy Bueno croffles stood out, as did the universally appreciated Coco Cranberry drink.

    April 2024 RestoMontréal Media Invitations


    311 Rue Saint-Paul E, Montréal, H2Y 1H3

    View More (514) 419-3311

    Invitation received from the restaurant

    On April 4th, Dalia, Chandni, and Rébecca discovered the new location of Kwizinn in the Old Port, a vibrant spot with Caribbean vibes. They enjoyed a spicy coconut cocktail and delicious jerk chicken wings, praising the quality and flavor of the food. The ambiance, enhanced by a DJ and the natural light from large windows, made their visit even more memorable. The Krema Tiramisu was the highlight of the evening, described as one of the best they had ever tasted.

    April 2024 RestoMontréal Media Invitations


    22 Rue St-Paul E, Montréal, H2Y 1G3

    View More (438) 543-6648

    Invitation received on Instagram from the chef-owner Loyd Von Rose

    On the evening of April 4th, Dalia, Chandni, and Rébecca continued their tour at La Gargamelle, a quaint restaurant hidden behind L'infâme Tittle Tattle - Cocktail Bar. This intimate spot, where Chef Loyd interacted with guests while presenting his dishes, offered a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The exceptional flavors of dishes like labneh and seared scallops for Dalia, duck with purée for Chandni, and oysters with yuzu sabayon, Martini caviar, coconut espuma, and marinated Thai chili for Rébecca left a lasting impression. With the arrival of summer, the restaurant promises new features such as picnic baskets and a terrace overlooking the Old Port, adding to our anticipation for the sunny days!


    371 Rue Villeneuve E., Montréal, H2T 1M1

    View More (514) 845-6066


    Invitation received on Instagram by the media team of the restaurant

    On April 5th, Dalia and Chandni were charmed by the ambiance of Monsieur B, a French restaurant on Le Plateau, known for allowing patrons to bring their own wine. The owner, Mr. Paradis, created a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Despite her usual reluctance to goat cheese, Dalia was taken by a goat cheese and lamb risotto, while Chandni favored the duck confit. Both concluded their evening with a crème brûlée, marking a perfect end to their meal. The rustic setting and the ability to bring small dogs were also highlights of their visit.


    7130 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montréal, H2S 3E2

    View More (514) 419-3199

    Invitation from the owner following dedicated articles on their restaurant read the article here.

    On April 9th, Rébecca revisited the charm of L'Osso, a place she had already enjoyed during a team meal. Revisiting the restaurant as a couple enhanced her appreciation for its intimate ambiance and meticulous service. Upon arrival, a high-quality antipasti including olives, bruschetta croutons, and spicy sausages delighted her discerning partner. The entrée platter offered a delight with each bite, featuring crudo, grilled shrimp, prosciutto, burrata, and octopus. The main dishes, chef Renato's signature osso bucco and seafood risotto, lived up to their expectations, perfectly paired with glasses of wine! Despite the desire, there was no room left for dessert after such a generous meal.

    April 2024 RestoMontréal Media Invitations


    390 Rue St-Jacques O., Montréal, H2Y 1S1

    View More (514) 379-3553

    Invitation from RosePR.

    On April 11th, Chandni and Dalia attended the launch of Varons' Grand Diamanté Tequila at Bord'Elle. The event provided an opportunity to taste various types of tequila. Dalia particularly enjoyed the Reposado tequila, noting its incredible smoothness and tastiness, while Chandni preferred the Plata for its hints of vanilla. The Diablo cocktail, made with Anejo, also stood out to Chandni. The festive atmosphere was heightened by a casino roulette, where Dalia won an extra cocktail. The appetizers served, including taco bites, tuna tataki, cheese macaroni, and chicken skewers, rounded out a memorable evening.

    April 2024 RestoMontréal Media Invitations


    443 Rue St-François-Xavier, Montréal, H2Y 2T1

    View More (514) 844-4368

    Invitation from Marianik

    At Bonaparte, on April 11th, Chandni, Rébecca, and Dalia were dazzled by the quality of service and the sophistication of the place, reminiscent of grand traditional French restaurants. Dalia especially appreciated the food-wine pairings, perfect with each dish, and was surprised by the harmony of vanilla flavors with seafood. Chandni enjoyed a lobster bisque and seafood with vanilla, while her main course, the maple syrup-flavored duck breast, was exquisite. Rébecca was charmed by the attentive service, particularly the covers to keep dishes warm, and her mushroom ravioli were a favorite. The highlight of the evening was the soufflé, as much for its taste as for its presentation.

    April 2024 RestoMontréal Media Invitations


    1900 Boulevard St-Joseph, Montréal, H8S 2N5

    View More (514) 637-5253

    Invitation from the owner for social media visibility

    On April 11th, Chandni and Dalia dined at Il Fornetto, facing the Lachine Canal, enjoying a setting that is both rustic and modern. Dalia, captivated by the Capricciosa pizza prepared by a Sicilian pizzaiolo, relished her meal accompanied by a Limoncello Spritz, reminiscent of her travels in Italy. Chandni started with calamari and polpettes and tasted carbonara pasta for the first time, falling in love with it! The restaurant, known for its terrace offering breathtaking sunset views over the canal, promises an ideal setting for the summer months.

    April 2024 RestoMontréal Media Invitations


    1790 Boulevard des Laurentides, Laval, H7M 2P6

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    Invitation from the owner for social media visibility

    At Resto Bar Brasse-Rires in Vimont, Laval, Dalia, and Anthony spent a memorable evening on April 19th during the Cuban Night. The atmosphere, akin to a gathering of old friends, invited them to reconnect with dancing. Despite being a bar, the quality of the dishes surprised them, particularly the salmon tartare served with homemade focaccia. The drinks, including the polished Chamomile Grappa, served perfectly chilled, also met their expectations. This place proves ideal for dancing to Latin rhythms and enjoying a vibrant atmosphere among friends.


    1250 Boulevard Robert-Bourrassa, Montréal, H3B 3A8

    View More (438) 386-9088

    Invitation from Agence Idylliq

    On April 25th, Dalia and Chandni discovered the flavors of East Pan Asiatique, a popular spot for its dynamic ambiance in the heart of downtown. They were charmed by siu mai dumplings filled with lobster, pork, and shiitake mushrooms, as well as the spicy karaage fried rice. Chandni particularly enjoyed the salmon sashimi and Shanghai noodles. For desserts, Dalia opted for the taro cheesecake, while Chandni was won over by the kefir leaf crème brûlée. The evening was accompanied by a dance performance and a DJ on site.

    April 2024 RestoMontréal Media Invitations


    1445 Rue Crescent, Montréal, H3G 2B2

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    Invitation from Marianik

    In the festive atmosphere of the newly opened Jack Saloon on Crescent, Dalia and Chandni had a memorable evening. This bar, which replaces the old Thursdays, features a country decor with cow print seats and cowboy hats decorating the walls. Dalia enjoyed pulled pork taquitos and a chicken avocado burger, as well as a spicy Margarita. Chandni opted for a smoked meat burger and a very creamy macaroni and cheese. Their evening concluded with a shot of Dirty Devil vodka, perfect to round off their outing on April 26th, plus a live band that had them singing at the top of their lungs!


    121 Rue de la Commune O, Montréal, H2Y 2C7

    View More (514) 419-4193

    Invitation from Marianik

    During their visit to Boqueria on April 30th, for the new opening of this Spanish restaurant in the Old Port, Dalia and Chandni were transported to an ambiance evoking the sunny beaches of southern Spain. The decor, with its natural straw light fixtures and terracotta tiling, perfectly complemented their evening. Dalia, a tapas enthusiast, was captivated by the bacon-wrapped dates, crispy calamari, and the Bikini, a tasty combination of truffle, ham, and cheese. The shrimp paella was also a highlight, as was the dark chocolate ganache with olive oil and sea salt. Chandni loved the croquetas and the bikini, but the tres leches cake, adorned with purple flowers and a hint of cinnamon, captured her heart, a dessert as beautiful as it was delicious.

    April 2024 RestoMontréal Media Invitations


    5834 Avenue du Parc, Montréal, H2V 4H3

    View More (514) 277-2377

    Invitation from the owner following the article: The Best Cocktail Bars and Speakeasies in Montreal

    On a rainy evening on April 30th, Rébecca found refuge at Mezcaleros Tapas & Cocktails in Outremont, a small neighborhood restaurant that shines for its originality. The place, captivating and warm from the moment you enter, offers a cocktail menu that immediately evokes the tropics. Using local ingredients, the owner skilfully blends Mexican traditions with creative touches. Rebecca was particularly charmed by the Shrimp Pop, an original creation of shrimp stuffed with cheese and jalapenos, wrapped in bacon and served with jalapeno mayo. The tacos and churros also won over her palate, reinforcing the unique character of this hidden gem.

    April 2024 RestoMontréal Media Invitations

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