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Le 409 - a Contemporary Indian Restaurant and Lounge in the Old Port of Montreal

An Indian restaurant like no other

Feb 23, 2020

Le 409 - a Contemporary Indian Restaurant and Lounge in the Old Port of Montreal

Indian cuisine is often appreciated for its unique dishes full of colors and flavors, which change us a little from our culinary habits. Eating Indian food is a bit like going on a quick trip to South Asia for an evening. More and more Indian restaurants are opening their doors and offering a different kind of experience from what we are usually used too. Why not offer all the best of Indian cuisine, combined with local products and dishes in a more modern and elegant atmosphere?

This is the kind of experience Le 409 is offering, it is a contemporary London-inspired Indian restaurant and bar.

 Le 409

Located on McGill Street in the vibrant Old Port, this Indian tavern will completely change your opinion of an Indian restaurant. You will be captivated by it's Bollywood decor, but also by the warm and comfortable atmosphere. Food-wise, they kept all the classics but added a little creative touch to them.

The main reason we were visiting Le 409 on that day was for their 1st anniversary, so our night started with the happy hour planned to celebrate the occasion. As soon as we arrived, the evening was already in full swing, the atmosphere was lively, people were smiling, we were happy to join the party! They immediately offered us some drinks and canapes were circulating to calm our appetite. After having a look all around the restaurant, we decide to settle at the bar, where we spent most of the evening.

Before telling you more about the food, it is imperative to take a moment to talk about the decoration at Le 409. Designed and conceptualized by the firm Blazygerard, the decor is literally breathtaking. They used materials such as leather and wood, paired with decorative elements straight out of Ali Baba's cave.

Le 409

The various lamps and light fixtures have particularly caught our attention. You can settle down at one of the many tables, comfortably seated in the padded leather sofas.

Le 409

Before we even start the meal, we are seduced by the incredible service we receive; the staff is smiling, courteous and professional. We decided to start the meal directly with some main dishes considering that we had already tasted most of the appetizers offered on the menu during the happy hour. The menu is made so you can share, the side dishes must be chosen individually. We opted for some naan bread and basmati rice, two undeniable classics of Indian cuisine. The naan bread was soft and warm and the basmati rice was cooked to perfection and just fragrant enough, perfect to eat with some saucy dishes.

The cocktail menu is creative and exotic, the cocktails are colorful and seem very enticing. Beers from here and there are also available, as well as a very interesting wine list.

Le 409

We decided to stick with the classics, as for the choice of main dishes, even if the butter chicken poutine was really tempting. We ordered the butter chicken, the Korma lamb, the Saag Paneer, the Tarka Dahl and the 409 salad for some freshness. The butter chicken is probably one of my favorite Indian dishes and the one at Le 409 was perfectly creamy, with just the right amount of tomato taste.

Le 409

Lamb has a more pronounced flavor than other meats, so it is important to know how to prepare it, something that Le 409 succeeds at. The Korma lamb is prepared in a creamy sauce, with some almonds and raisins. The meat was incredibly tender and the flavors did not disappoint. The Saag Paneer, another classic, comes in the form of a spinach curry, the paneer, an Indian cheese that does not melt during cooking, which makes it perfect for a simmered dish like this.

Le 409

Tarka Dahl is a yellow lentil puree, flavored with garlic, ginger, and cumin, perfect for eating with some rice. Finally, although it was quite simple, the 409 salad added freshness to the meal, which we appreciated. Overall, we really enjoyed the dinner. 

Le 409

We really had no more room for dessert, but if we were not completely full, we would certainly have tried the mango and cardamom creme brulee or the Gulabs; these Indian donuts served with a honey and cardamom syrup to complete our experience.

Le 409 charmed us on all points, the decor, the atmosphere, the service, the food, everything! If you are already an Indian cuisine lover or wish to discover more about it, we strongly recommend that you plan a night at Le 409 as soon as possible.



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