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mercredi, 10 juillet, 2019

Bombay Mahal

"Do NOT Fall for the Meal Plan Trap"...

Review For the Bombay Mahal Thali on St. Catherine St. W. Montreal.

I am sure I am not the only Victim but just to share the situation
with everyone...

They sell Meal Plan Cards for which you pay in Bulk for around 30 meals
to get a discounted price. But once you have paid for the card,
the next time when you try to pay with that meal plan card...
they will make weird "Faces", "Noises" and "Gestures"
which is beyond human comprehension.
They will behave as if you are taking a free Meal.
But one thing you will surely realize that they do not encourage you
to use that meal plan card for which you already have paid.

Now I do not understand what is the "Special Indian Business Strategy"
or "Cheap 3rd World Country Indian Mentality" behind it.
What is the point of selling something,
when you do not want your customers to use it?
Or May be you do not want your customers to come back
as they already have paid for it?

The Management needs to "TRAIN" their staff well
about how to Treat & Serve their customers...
Only if the Management cares about their Business.
Or May be the Management does not care as long as
the staff is working for cheap wages and they are making profit.
But I can assure you that it will not run long like this way.
All The Best!!!

(par Google™ Traduction)
10 jul, 2019
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