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lundi, 03 juin, 2019

Seoul Chako

We went to Montreal for the day as a group and had decided to go here for dinner. They take reservations, which was excellent seeing as we were a group of 8-10 people. We arrived approximately 15 minutes before our reservation time and confirmed we would be 8 people. Our table was not ready yet so we were told that we would need to wait, not a problem. When we asked if we could have a seat outside on the patio (which was empty) and have a beverage while we waited, we were told yes we could sit there but we would not be served anything until we were at our reserved table (huh??). It was all prettymuch downhill from there as far as service was concerned. When our table was finally ready, the hostess questioned how many we were when she only counted 7 of us. Our party had not all come so 7 was our final number. As a result we did not get the 8 person table we were supposed to, instead they stuck us in a booth with a chair at the end.

Now, we are 5 adult males, the table was cramped to say the least. When I asked about a bigger table I was told no, because we were not 8 we could not have the larger table. I commented that this table was a bit small for all of us and the hostess simply shrugged her shoulders at me and said "Well, it's Saturday and we are busy..." and then walked away. 7 grown men at a table meant for 6 max, one grill to cook the meats on and zero room to put food/plates/drinks/etc. There wasn't even room for us to move our elbows around without hitting the person we were sitting next to or being over their plate of food. Some time went by and our server finally came to the table with 4 waters ... just 4 ... and it was quite some time later that the other 3 waters came. We had to stop him as he walked away to ask for a drink menu ... nothing was offered.

The water glasses were disgustingly filthy, covered in fingerprints and cloudy with waterspots. They had a greasy feeling residue on them - quite the turn off. Same went for the beer glasses. But, as you can imagine, there was no point in complaining because they are complacent and unapologetic when it comes to service here.

Eventually we put in our order for our first round of food. That came fairly quickly and was eaten even more quickly. When we tried to put in a second order we were told that we would have to wait as we were not allowed to order more food that quickly. Each round of food was either missing items that we had ordered or had items that we did not ask for. The server was unattentive and we had to constantly give our orders for additional food to other servers, the bussers, etc.

Then it came time to pay the bill ... low and behold this is when we are told that there is a 15% automatic gratuity because we were more than 6 people. Now, I have no problems with tipping, and 15% is a minimal tip for average service, but in this case, it was not earned at all. The only up side to the whole experience is that the food was actually quite good. The service, however, was not even worthy of a ranking of mediocre. Will not return here again, nor will we recommend it. Lesson learned.

03 jun, 2019